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What are the factors influence the battery capacity size?

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
The major factors that influence the battery capacity are: the discharge current, electrolyte temperature, electrolyte density, the structure of the plate, the purity of the electrolyte, etc. 1, the discharge current impact on the capacity of the discharge current, the greater the battery capacity is smaller. Because of the discharge current, the greater the plate inside the pore of consumption - H2SO4 faster, and the more PbSOA produced per unit time, PbSOA blocking plate pore obviously, hinder the electro-hydraulic to plate lining seepage, make the plate in the electrolyte density fell sharply, to terminal voltage drops rapidly, and greatly shortens the time of discharge the battery capacity decline. Battery discharge current down different electrical characteristics. Visible: the higher the discharge current, the faster the terminal voltage drops, the shorter the discharge time, so the battery capacity is smaller. 2, the influence of the electrolyte temperature on the capacity of the electrolyte temperature is reduced, battery capacity reduced. Left viscosity write down temperature, electrolyte infiltrated plate difficulties, left the utilization of active material - > C20 left; At the same time, the viscosity write internal impedance voltage of the pressure drop inside write write left - > C20 left. Experiments show that the electrolyte temperature drop per 1 ℃, slow discharge battery capacity to reduce about 1%, rapid discharge battery capacity about 2% less. 3. The electrolyte density effect on the capacity of the electrolyte density rho electromotive force E write, electro-hydraulic penetration ability to write, attend the reaction of the active material write - > C20 write; Rho, high viscosity write, write, high internal plate vulcanizing write - > C20 left. The practice proved: the electrolyte density is low to improve discharge current and capacity. Even the winter use electrolyte, without the icy, also should as far as possible with lower density of the electrolyte. 4. Structure factors influencing the capacity of the plate thickness of the thinner, the higher the utilization of active material, under the same size battery plate number, the greater the capacity. Plate area is larger, at the same time to participate in the reaction of material, the more the greater the capacity. Gay plate center distance is smaller, the smaller the battery internal resistance, the greater the capacity. 5. Effect on the capacity of the electrolyte electrolyte purity of some harmful impurities will corrosion grid frame, heavy impurities attached on the plate of the formation of local battery self-discharge, lead to a decrease in power output. Such as: if contain 1% of iron in electrolyte, the battery will be put down in a day and night.
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