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What are the advantages of the lithium battery?

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
What are the advantages of the lithium battery? Answer: 1, high lithium battery voltage, light weight. A monomer battery voltage can achieve an average of three. 7 v or 3. 2 v。 Relatively equal to 2 - Four series of nimh battery or nickel battery insulation voltage. If the customer requires the use of the battery voltage, then use lithium batteries lithium-ion battery pack is easy and convenient, fast and convenient to promote lithium battery voltage. 2, lithium-ion battery energy and density for other battery is also high. Lithium battery with high energy storage density, the current commonly used lithium battery density can be up to 450 - 620 wh/kg, it is 5 - of lead-acid batteries Seven times. If people choose battery will also consider a very important problem, which is pollution. 3, for the battery weight to contrast. A lithium battery weight is about 5 - of lead-acid batteries 6 times. Although the weight of the lithium battery and the weight of the polymer lithium battery are not much difference. But the capacity and life, people are will choose of lithium-ion batteries. 4, the use of lithium battery life for a long time, a lithium battery service life if without accident can use 6 years, for nine years. The normal use of the more than 1000 times. If no accident usage can reach more than 1500 times. 5, low self-discharge, and no memory effect. In the production of lithium batteries on lithium batteries and can make the lithium battery protection board has a charge discharge effect. Lithium-ion batteries have high power tolerance, the lithium battery electric vehicle choose can reach 15 - 30 c charge-discharge efficiency should be ability, so that the car starting and accelerating the high strength. In 6, green environmental protection, lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium is poisonous substances.
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