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Westwood forklift battery model characteristics

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Westwood forklift battery is a kind of traction batteries, different forklift model need to form a complete set of different lithium battery model, are generally more open water battery, large logistics, warehousing, industrial sites in our country is visible, Westwood forklift products distribution hydraulic truck, electric truck, electric stacker, manual stacker, internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, flat wagon logistics equipment series, such as the truck, stacker, forklift, flat wagon, and other products is the company's key advantage product, aiming at Westwood battery forklift accessories matching, the user needs to provide some specific parameters, such as voltage, capacity, iron box size, etc. , to complete the lithium battery with group; Westwood forklift battery plate attached on the active material of lead dioxide and a palm red, as the positive plate; The plate attached on the active substances for cavernous pure lead, a dark grey, as the negative plate. Lithium battery charging and discharging, positive and negative plate is on the active substances and the chemical reaction of the sulfuric acid solution. The appropriate number of positive and negative electrodes is sorted by one is a negative and merged into one plate group, at the same time, in the middle of the each is a negative plate into a plate, plate group to become the single battery pack, due to the positive plate on the active material is loose, low mechanical strength, if both sides of the plate discharge, can form positive plate arch and fall off their active substances, therefore, in every single case, negative plate to a more than positive plate and so, to be sure that after fit up, every piece of positive plate between two slices of negative plate, reduce discharge evenly on both sides and plate of the arch and the loss of active material, welding requirements between monomer lithium battery technology content is higher, a false welding or welding is not strong, can lead to a forklift truck using time of the late, affect the service life of the follow-up. Shenzhen is a products extends to the brand of enterprise, in the lead-acid battery industry for more than 15 years, for each big lithium battery forklift brands on the market, the thinking is clear, quality, performance characteristics, can timely feedback to customers, more convenient to replace Westwood forklift battery.
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