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We should pay attention to what aspects when electric vehicle battery of choose and buy

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
One, the electric car battery how to choose 1, in terms of electric vehicle batteries, lead-acid battery is still the leading products on the market, li-ion battery is relatively small, currently 80% of the electric bicycle use lead-acid batteries. The advantage of lithium battery is: electric capacity of the largest, most powerful, life expectancy; But relatively speaking, the price is also can be expensive. And lead-acid maintenance, battery, battery capacity, power, life, three properties are generally, but the price is more cheaper, it is the 'standard' batteries of electric cars. 2, the battery voltage is 36 v, 48 v and 60 v, etc. , with capacity of 36 v / 12 ah a new set of batteries, for example, its general line continuation mileage is about 40 kilometers, the usually ride every day the longest distance is about 35 km suitable ( Due to road conditions affect the actual line continuation mileage) , ride the longest distance of more than 40 kilometers a day, want to consider twice a day has the possibility of interval charging. If close distance, the road is flat, can choose a small battery voltage, lightweight car body; Distance is far, the need to bring or climbing a hill, have to choose the battery voltage is larger, the body is relatively stable, when consumer is choosing major based on their actual needs, choose the appropriate battery capacity. 3, according to the customers reflect the situation, the current 48 v electric bicycles than 36 v, from the overall performance is also the most optimized battery configuration. Finally had to consider is the battery replacement cost problem, suggest that selective comparison high battery types, saves the subsequent replacement cost of the battery. Comprehensive, want to consider when choosing electric vehicle battery type the following several factors. Second, the factors to consider when choose the battery? 1, durability: lead-acid battery should generally deep deep discharge within 400 times, life expectancy in about two years. Lithium batteries, strong durability of slow consumption, put more than 500 times, and there is no memory, general life in 45 years. Weight, volume 2: general lead-acid battery pack is 16 - 30 kg, volume is larger; Lithium battery in 2. 53 kg, volume is relatively small, so light, easy to carry. 3, price: mainstream 48 v20ah battery is on the market at present, if change, lead-acid battery is controlled 450 yuan, the quality assurance period for 1 year; Lithium-ion batteries are relatively expensive, need 1000 yuan, but the quality assurance period for two years. 4, driving process: the same is 48 v20ah battery, in the case of a full charge, lead-acid batteries can cover a distance of 40 - electric cars 60 km, lithium battery electric vehicles can drive 80 - 100 kilometers. Lithium battery in the range or comparative advantage, the motor speed depends mainly on use size. 5, battery capacity: lead-acid battery capacity is about 20; Lithium battery capacity is 820 range, can be customized according to the need of mileage. Third, choose the battery voltage? Now in the market of electric bicycle type is various, the battery voltage is 36 v, 48 v, 64 v, 74 v, 80 v, and other models, when consumer is choosing how to choose? Only from the technical content, the higher the voltage, electric performance and economical efficiency, the better. Assembly five, six blocks of battery electric vehicle its comprehensive performance is superior to put four pieces of battery electric vehicle, the long-term use of four than 48 v battery electric cars to save money is convenient. But due to the high voltage electric car production difficulty coefficient is larger, most businesses on the market at present is still in sales put four pieces of battery electric vehicle is given priority to, this is also become the mainstream of a configuration. Currently assembling five, six pieces of battery electric vehicle price is slightly higher, the rule is simple, in addition to the technical difficulty coefficient, more high voltage electric voltage regulation circuit, controller, motor, frame is far more than 48 v car sturdy, not only large power, high speed, long run very far, battery life, buy as far as possible when the choose and buy electric bicycle (48 v Or above) Electric bicycle, and don't buy small power, such as 36 v electric cars. Recommend, when buying a lithium-ion battery needs to buy according to their own actual situation, because now many places have banned the electricity, etc. , due to the lithium battery meet the indicators, and light weight, easy to handle, more in line with the usage of urban residents.
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