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We all know that sooner or later all automobiles

by:Vglory      2020-06-09
This is a hybrid sports car that will hopefully hit the market in 2013 and it is unlike anything else on the market. Having access to 356-horsepower and 4.8 second 0-60 speed has speed freaks sitting up and taking notice that there may actually be a car out there that is both lenovo 3000 n100 battery economical and fast. The 63 mpg tag that it boasts is absolutely unreal in terms of conservation. The combination of electric and diesel offers mileage that is up there with pure electric cars. The difference here is of course the design. This car looks like it belongs on the race track instead of the local BWM showroom floor. The big question is whether it will ever come to fruition or not. Just how committed is BMW to producing a car such as this and how much will it cost? According to a variety of sources, BMW expects to make up to 10,000 units, but a price tag has yet to be determined. Based on their ActiveHybrid 7, figure that it will cost well over $100,000 for the right to sit in the driver's seat of this machine. While it is great to see a company like BMW put a product like this on the market, it is even more exciting to see the image of the dull and goofy looking hybrid shattered. Most hybrid and electric cars are hardly aerodynamic or built to be aesthetically pleasing. This new BMW hybrid sports car release shows that we can have the best of both worlds. It will truly bring in a new era of hybrid and electric car design. If the car is released as expected and meets with success, it will surely open up a whole new niche. Up until now, the high end electric sports car has been a market that few companies are willing to take a chance. For some reason, it is as though auto makers think that just because we like to go fast, we could dell xps m1710 battery care less how much fuel we are burning in the process. Now there will be an opportunity to tear up the roads and keep some cash in our pockets.
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