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Wash the car battery maintenance and maintenance

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
Sweeper cleaning/car configuration of maintenance-free batteries, although no need maintenance, but some details still need to pay attention to, to keep clean and dry, especially those exposed parts, such as screw, about a week, according to the electric cleaning the machine work, take out the battery a few lid, inspection on the inside of the water, if found necessary, immediately add distilled water to supplement, occasionally is to check on the charger, battery space should have adequate ventilation, to stay away from fire during charging, the electric sweeper could just charge the battery, can generally four hours of continuous use. If you use time significantly reduced, please check the following points: 1. Check whether the cleaning head is on too tight, 2. Check whether there is a rope, metal wire or thread binding in the main cleaning the head, or next to the presence of congestion, which can lead to abnormal resistance. 3. Battery charged enough before use.
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