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by:Vglory      2020-06-09
What is battery isolator? It is an electrical device that efficiently segregates direct current into other branches, allowing current in one direction in each area that needs power supply. A battery isolator allows you to completely discharge one battery without the need of discharging the starting battery. This technology is not only use for vehicles but also for motorized boat. Sometime this technology is called as fisherman friend for they give more life and extend travel distances. A BSR is the simple and most technologically advanced strategy for automated battery isolation system. The units can be mounted between batteries with a common ground to easily manages the charging process of the batteries but continue to produce isolation between them when the charging origin is inaccessible. The tiny size and rugged design of these units allow a quick setup even for the inexperienced driver. Battery isolators are usually used by people who posses large amount of electronics and accessories in the vehicle and boat. The existence of marine battery isolator enables the fisherman to install more lighting in their boat at night while sounds and radio instruments all day. Below are the other best benefits of batter isolator. More power reserves This is the primary main benefit of using a battery isolator. It offers you the ability to charge more than one battery simultaneously from a single power source, without any need of connecting the battery terminals together. The battery isolator ensures that there's enough power to start the engine, or accommodates high electric current loads. Many motorists listen to their stereo or use other accessories like computers, lights, radio, and TV without the engine running. This can often result to drained or dead batteries, which can again lead to some other ensuing problems. To avoid that predicament, using a battery isolator is the best solution. Types of Battery Isolator and Their Benefits There are two main types: Solenoid helps to control the electric current flow between two batteries utilizing high-current relays. One major advantage is that it includes a preservation of voltage across contacts. However, many who have used this type of isolator are saying that it isn't as reliable as the diode based isolators. Diode isolator, on the other hand, contains two high-current diodes. They serve as a heat sink that works best for the batteries. Most common example of dual battery systems are smart battery isolator and ATV dual battery system. The setup of this type of battery isolator switch is easy with the help of complete installation kit or system. The best benefit with this type of isolator is that it has a long lifespan with a low amount of maintenance.
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