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Use electric sightseeing car battery the note

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
1, keep the battery surface clean, dip in with dishcloth water scrub the battery outside again, panels, stigma ( The positive and negative two pole head) Dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause the leakage of dirt to wipe clean. In the process of cleaning, it is forbidden to tap water into the battery, in order to avoid leakage and increasing the self-discharge, lead to vehicle running malfunction; Scrubbing away the battery of stigma, not only white etched powder will not in the above, but also help improve the service life of the battery. 2, daily route should be regularly check the battery cover holes was clear. If the battery cover holes blocked, produce hydrogen and oxygen to row out of the electrolyte expands, the battery shell burst, internal pressure is too high, will be broken battery shell, affect battery life. 3, regularly check the battery cable connection problem, have to check the cable is loose, cable terminal connection should be compact and reliable. Avoid empty pick up produce sparks, and damage to a column ( When power lock open, shall not be connected or disconnected the battery) 。 4, check the height of internal battery electrolyte, electrolyte fluid level should be above 10 ~ 15 mm plate. If discover the electrolyte is too low, should add distilled water or dedicated lead-acid battery fluid. Drink pure water instead of avoid by all means. Sightseeing car battery in use process, because of the electrolysis of water and electrolyte evaporation can lead to higher density and drawdown ( Especially in summer) , so should be regularly check, filling the electrolyte or distilled water. Eventually period in charge of the battery, with distilled water or density of 1. 400 lead-acid battery dedicated dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte density 1 adjustment. 280±0. 005 ( 25℃) The fluid level should be level with the highest liquid level line. Charging adjusted to zero. 5 - 1 hour, make internal uniform. 5, don't let the other impurities into the battery when charging, if there are impurities fall into, don't use metal material to make, application of dry sticks out impurities, such as wire or copper wire hook, metal molecules will be under the corrosion of sulphuric acid into the battery self-discharge, damage to the battery. 6, battery don't have to for a long time, will slowly discharge by oneself, to scrap. So when sightseeing car for a long time need not when, every other month to a charge battery maintenance. After the battery discharge ( Whether a vehicle traveling time and mileage) , charge must be on the same day, don't allow the next charging or charging more than 24 hours, otherwise the service life of the battery will be affected. 7, battery charging, the sightseeing car placed in ventilated good location, open the battery cover, make the gas overflow from the battery cover, avoid internal gas gathering, sound explosion phenomena ( Be sure to shut off when charging sightseeing vehicle power supply) 。 8, if long time need not, after a full battery should be stored, and once every half a month to charging, charging time of 8 hours. 9, the service life of the battery is commonly a year to a year and a half time, at the appointed time, the battery capacity will drop sharply, then replace the new battery, with same brand, same capacity, voltage is the same as far as possible.
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