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UPS battery storage and maintenance methods

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Source: 2020 - 04 - 12 21:47 hits: UPS battery storage and maintenance of UPS battery, also known as uninterrupted power supply, this is because in the event of a sudden power failure, the battery can be quickly switch to the 'inverter state, such person to use a computer is not lost important documents due to sudden power outages, this feature also makes the UPS battery respected and loved ones. Storage should be conducted in the appropriate temperature range, which is not more than 40 degrees, not less than 20 degrees below, if more than this range can cause cell damage due to high or low temperatures. State of storage battery must be complete, but due to long-term storage or transportation, battery self-discharge rate, this is the content of the memory cell decreases, so should charge before use, to ensure that the power supply. Also should be paid attention to when the storage battery of the influence of the external environment, prevent damage, pay attention to the external environment, dry, ventilated, often careless, if the battery packaging wet by water, should be timely and packing, check if the battery is soaked by water, drying, and replace the complete packaging, in order to avoid the battery short-circuit damage because of the water connection, even cause safety accidents. In the daily maintenance of the battery, there are a few things to remember. Regularly check the battery status is the most important is, if it finds such as dust pollution, do not use wet dishcloth, the right thing to do is to use organic solvent containing petrol or banana water clean, also should avoid to use chemical fiber cloth, at the same time prevent the fiber material into the battery between them, cause a short-circuit. When charging, if there is deviation voltmeter indicated value and reference value, should be timely check and maintenance.
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