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Under the dome: 'lithium battery forklift' zero emissions replacing forklift truck fuel

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Dome, the air is no wall, we the people of the life in the same land, is really a shard. Recall our last generation of word of mouth proverb, predecessors trees descendants cool, diesel forklift exhaust fumes, also belong to the pollution source, especially when load up the fork, the motor output power is more big, the release of the exhaust gas is more and more intangible promoted PM2. 5, lithium battery forklift is environmental protection new energy, zero emission, all adopt the lithium battery forklift driver, while in terms of dynamic performance, particularly heavy goods, than the strength of diesel forklift, but for the sake of our below, suggest that enterprise USES the battery forklift, electric forklift maintenance is less than fuel car maintenance, in the enterprise cost summary, this can be effective. Honest, caring, responsible, these mental quality is the foundation of the whole social wealth, the loss of these foundation, material wealth is like building built on the beach, unsustainable, enterprise should bear certain social responsibilities.
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