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Unbreakable Flex Solar 185W Cheap Flexible Solar Panels For RV Solar Kit

Unbreakable Flex Solar 185W Cheap Flexible Solar Panels For RV Solar Kit

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Vglory or OEM
Model Number:
Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power:
Number of Cells:
Solar cell:
125*125 mm USA Sunpower solar cells
Deep Blue
Double-Sided TPT
excellent anti-aging resistance
Junction Box:
General international standard IP65
Solar Cell efficiency:
Product name:
Flex Solar
Item Type:
semi flexible solar panel
best flexible solar panels
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Watt/Watts per Day

Unbreakable Flex Solar 185W Cheap Flexible Solar Panels For RV Solar Kit


Vglory waterproof flexible solar panels made with newest generation of back-contact solar cells , which  manufactured in USA with the newest production equipment and cutting edge technology, it is the world’s highest efficiency cell with efficiency up to 23%, and efficiency of the module is 25-30% higher than the traditional ones, this cell’s positive pole and the negative pole are on the same side, the cell’s front side can absorb maximum sunlight, so that it can get the maximum power. 

The long-lasting , highest efficiency back-contact monocrystalline solar cells will give you years and years of consistent , free power . It is perfect permanent outdoor use for charging 12V batteries to provide free electricity power various applications , 


High tech!

Light weight!

Elegant outlook!

Excellent performance !

Materials of flexible solar panel :

1. Solar cell------ high photoelectricity conversion efficiency: about 22% or more

2. EVA------excellent anti-aging EVA

4. TPT-------TPT hot seal made of flame resistance, imported from Krempel, Germany

5. Top quality plastic, bendable.

6. Junction box------Ip65rated and Ip67 rated, high quality, with diode protection.



185W Back-contact Flexible solar panel 

Cell size(mm):


Power tolerance:


Peak power(WP):


Voltage at Pmax(Vmp):


Current at Pmax(Imp):


Open circuit voltage(Voc):


Short circuit current(Isc):


Max system voltage(VDC):


Operating Temperature:

-40℃ to + 85℃

Cell Efficiency:


Temperature Coefficient of Pmax:


Temperature Coefficient of voc:


Temperature Coefficient of ISC:


Nominal Operating Cell Temperature:


Data under standard testing conditions(STC)

1000W/M²; 1.5AM

Type of Connector:

MC4 with cable length 900mm




  1. Semi flexible : can be bending angle up to 30-40 degrees;
  2. Durable with TPT backsheet, no glass no frame ;
  3. Light weight for easy carrying easy shipment easy installation, really 83% lighter than normal panel ;
  4. Thin : the thickness only 3mm, easy joint to your yacht or RV roof , boat etc ;
  5. Can be walked on with soft soled shoes;
  6. make with High efficiency back-contact mono USA Sunpower crystalline solar panel upto 23%;
  7. more compact size generate 30% high power than market solar panel same size , steady perfect power performance generated ;
  8. Rounding corners to prevent from being scratched;
  9. Hardening process surface prevent from scratched; 
  10. easy installed with clue , adhesive , screw , and also grommet at corner is easy for installation , 
  11. The modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures
  12. good replacement for army troops power supplying for electronics devices , since battery is heavier and dangerous for army troops during battle ; 

"...The most efficient  flexible solar panel in the world..."

"...The smallest and lightest flexible solar panel you can find..."

"..And most thin flexible solar panel you can find global..."


So-Easy Installation

The panel can be affixed by adhesive ,Velcro or screw mounting options and grommets are an added bonus for ease-of-installation . The thin, lightweight module can also be sewn into canvas , making it a truly artistic & versatile solar power . The Flexible Solar panels are aerodynamic and DURABLE - a virtually unbreakable solar battery charger for RVs, boats and long-haul trucks. caravan , campers , marine ,Yacht , Motorhome , Caravan , Campervan , RV , Lorry , Trailer etc . 







Perfect wide use applications :  Golf-cart , Yacht , boat , caravan , electric car , travel tourism car , patrol car , roof , camping, roof power generations , tent , portable bag , backpacks , portable generator kits ,lightweight roof solar system etc . 

It is perfect for outdoor permanent use to provide free electricity charging 12V batteries to power various electronic devices, such as in a motorhome,camper or for solar lighting systems, off-grid and back up solar power systems, and complete household solar power systems.




Why choose our Vglory flexible solar panel?

•    High-efficiency solar cell ensures high performance of solar module and creates more power in peak hours ;

•    Lightweight and pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation ;

•    Water-resistant junction box ;

•    Designed specially to meet customer's demands for residential, commercial, and industrial use .

•    Excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and on-time service

•    High efficiency, high safety, High stability ,high reliability

•    Optimized Packaging to protect product during loading and delivery .

•    Strong productive ability and quick delivery .



The product is used in many applications for its quick charging ability. It is very suitable for people who are temporarily in need of power source. It enjoys a wide range of applications such as defense, automotive, and aerospace industries. The product is currently the best available energy storage technology and is exceptional for its ratio of dimensions to weight and capacity. It enjoys a wide range of applications such as defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.
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