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Sustainable development, lead acid lithium battery development

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Lead-acid battery everyone not unfamiliar, can be divided into the automotive, Marine, industrial, power, lithium battery forklift, and other fields use, literally the electricity demand is higher and higher, the innovation of the diversified electronics, more and more demand for electricity, pure traditional lead-acid battery development, it is difficult to meet the current needs, lithium battery technology has become to promote renewable energy, smart grid, the electric car key in the development of technology, has attracted worldwide attention. Abroad from the perspective of electric vehicles, smart grid development often determine the lithium battery industry policy, $2. 4 billion of new energy in the United States as a representative of the New Deal. Europe, South Korea and other active lithium battery research and development, also issued a series of preferential policies of investment and financing. Facing the development of lithium battery of large capacity, high performance and low cost new requirements, the lithium battery industry in China must walk the road of sustainable development. Is currently facing technology development, international standardization, ensure raw material supply, reusing and recycling and other issues, both at home and abroad, is being developed to replace lead-acid battery new technology, the current widespread use of mainly lead-acid, other medium prices higher for lithium battery has been can not get effective promotion. abstract
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