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SunEdison to Build Europe's Largest Solar Power Plant

by:Vglory      2020-06-16
SunEdison is a division of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. They have bagged a project to develop and construct a photovoltaic solar power plant in Northeastern Italy, near the town of Rovigo. This solar power plant will have a capacity of 72 Megawatt (MW). This will be the largest solar power dell inspiron 11z battery plant in Europe. SunEdison is a North American company. It finances, installs and operates distributed power plants using photovoltaic technologies. In 2009, SunEdison delivered more kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy than any other solar services provider in U.S.A. Banco Santander will be the partner of SunEdison in this project. It is a retail and commercial bank, based in Spain. It is the largest financial group in Spain and Latin America. Few more companies are expected to join this project as partners. Pancho Perez, General Manager for Europe and MENA region at SunEdison says, 'A critical element of our approach is working closely with the right partners including developers, suppliers and contractors. For the Rovigo project, we selected Isolux Corsan, a large-scale infrastructure construction company with a strong track record in utility-scale solar plants.' The stats say that solar power plant would provide power to 17,150 homes and it would result in reducing 41,000 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. This amount will be akin to taking off 8,000 cars from the road. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2010 lenovo thinkpad z60t battery. Carlos Domenech is the President of SunEdison. He is speaking about his solar projects, 'SunEdison is focused on enabling the growth of global solar markets through strong capabilities in project finance, engineering, low-cost procurement and operations and maintenance services.' SunEdison's solar power plant would cover an area of as large as 120 soccer fields. Once completed, the plant will be spread over 9.15 million square feet of area. Renzo Marangon is the government official of the Veneto region. He expresses his views about solar project, 'Veneto is taking decisive action to advance the use of clean, renewable energy sources. At the same time, this project is expected to create over 350 local construction jobs and build expertise in advanced energy technologies. We expect Rovigo to serve as a European model for large-scale, alternative-energy projects.' This solar-power plant will enjoy the distinction of being the largest in Europe. Presently, the largest solar power plant exists in Olmedilla, Spain. Its capacity is is a 60MW. Another solar power plant is in Strasskirchen, Germany. It has the capacity of 50 MW. MEMC deals in the manufacturing and sale of wafers and associated intermediate products to the semiconductor and solar industries. MEMC has their own R&D and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Through its SunEdison division, MEMC is also a developer sony vgp-bps11 battery of solar power projects and North America's largest solar energy services provider.
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