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Summer temperature is higher, we must pay attention to recharge the battery safety!

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
Note that charging environment around summer arrived, not for the battery under the sun, the temperature is too high, more adverse to the charger, more harmful to the battery, charger is power products, work to generate heat, add in the high temperature 'on thermal heating, charging for heat to a certain temperature, charging parameters' deviant, circuit board to generate heat, burn scorched, reduce life! Also don't be recharged humidity is big, had better be in dry shade charging, the charger can not have cover above, the influence of ventilation! Charging right connection method. Charging method is very important, no matter how to fill, to fill up line, actually is not correct, will shorten the battery life, correct insertion method is: to start charging plug plug before insert the plug, end charging to pull the plug on a plug. The advantage is: to ensure the stability of the battery voltage, prolong the service life of the battery, voltage regulator, steady flow. Electric vehicle battery lifespan and charging you normally have certain relations, the correct charging method can make the battery more durable, hold time is more long, don't say the battery is not durable, your daily charging method to do the right thing? Lithium-ion batteries, electric lithium battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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