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Sumitomo lithium battery forklift brand and troubleshooting methods

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Sumitomo Japan's sumitomo forklift forklift lithium battery brand lithium-ion batteries, electric forklift battery sumitomo imports forklift battery in use process, need to pay attention to what time, avoid the waste of money results in the decrease of forklift lithium battery life cycles, my company in shenzhen focus sumitomo forklift battery research and development for a long time, charging, use, discharge of battery group several analysis; Forklift battery failure can be caused by many reasons, in addition to the normal natural damage and the influence of manufacturing quality and transportation, the most is due to the use that caused by improper maintenance. According to the survey materials to prove some units the lithium battery installation and put into operation 6 months to 1 year of scrap; And the same, the same type of lithium battery in some units are used for 3 years to 4 years is a good equipment, it is enough to show the stand or fall of maintenance work directly affects the use fixed number of year of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery forklift in the case of normal discharge, active substances (on the positive and negative plates PbO2 and Pb) To mostly into soft lead sulfate crystals. These small crystals evenly distributed on the porous plate, it is easy to contact with the electrolyte when charging, react and revert to the original lead lead dioxide, and velvet, but if the improper maintenance and management, lead sulfate crystallization on the plate, will gradually form for large size and conductive bad crude lead sulfate crystallization, can even form a larger area, almost insoluble in solid electrolyte layer of lead sulfate crystallization, attached to the surface of plate, plate hardening. Can jam the crystallization of poor electrical conductivity, large volume, micropore plate, prevent infiltration of electrolyte and increased the plate resistance, and general in charge in the future, it is hard to make it recover, thus reduce plate on the active material, reducing capacity, serious when will make plate reversible mechanism and damage. This is called plate of sulfuric acid salinization. Sumitomo forklift battery in normal circumstances, as the growth of the lithium battery life, because of the change in the plate on the active material volume plate slightly expansion or contraction, is a normal phenomenon. But if excessive expansion, contraction, and the function of the plate itself in all parts of uneven, often occur the phenomenon of plate bending and fracture, plate local active material loss, make the battery capacity decline, even tilted plate corners, due to the large pressure and damage to the diaphragm, result in positive and negative plate short circuit. Sumitomo 2. 72 v500ah 5 ton forklift truck with lithium batteries, electric forklift battery sumitomo forklift battery plate bending and fracture reason: 1, 2 plate production quality is bad, often excessive discharge of 3, 4 large current charge and discharge, discharge of high temperature, plate bending and fracture treatment: open the battery cover, remove the polar group, the bending plate the whole flat straight, the broken plate repair welding. SUMITOMO SUMITOMO forklift battery plate of the active material excess loss at the bottom of the tank in a short period of time accumulated a lot of sediment, capacity, high temperature, electrolyte opacity, large gas analysis. This is the main characteristics of the plate active substances fall off excess. Plate active material excess loss of reason, the charging current is too large, time is too long, the temperature is too high, discharge current is too large, often over discharge, temperature is too low, the impurities into the battery ( Alkaline substances) , lithium batteries used in several series, if there is a battery capacity is reduced, and even complete loss capacity, so in the process of discharge, it quickly put out its own capacity. The battery does not continue to discharge only, but also because of its terminal voltage is lower than other battery terminal voltage and the reverse charge, as to make its plate of positive and negative polarity reversal. Sumitomo forklift battery price, forklift battery model table depth of discharge of the impact of sumitomo forklift battery: forklift battery is in use, the discharge capacity of the general requirements, shall not exceed 80% of its rated capacity, when the battery discharge capacity of more than 80%, we say that the battery deep discharge, when the battery discharge capacity reached 80%, the capacity of the display on the forklift into the red light area, at this time should be carried out immediately to charging charging, the harm of battery deep discharge: easy to cure, easy to make plate expansion deformation of active material loss causes capacity drop, shorten the life; After electric lithium battery ban placed for a long time, is not in use for a long term of liquid lithium battery storage addition charge once a month, to prevent the electrolyte stratification, to be placed over a long period of lithium battery, should prevent in a cool and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight. If purchasing in the near future don't have spare batteries, suggest purchasing dry charged battery or dry battery discharge state, if you have already purchased the liquid battery, before long placed, proposed to the electrolyte density lower. SUMITOMO forklift battery, original imported from Japan SUMITOMO lithium battery forklift battery forklift battery use in winter precautions: winter low temperature condition, battery electrolyte viscosity increase, lead to the electrolyte ions move difficult, reaction speed is reduced, the battery internal resistance increases, lead to the battery internal friction increases, so will show the underpowered. Large current discharge, battery plate with rapid response and it comes into contact with the acid, it will greatly consumed plate in the acid, resulting in a loss and the plate in contact with the concentration of the acid rapidly, so the battery can't continue to power supply. Is this battery can show out less capacity. 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