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Sources of electric vehicle battery life

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery life originated in the late maintenance and maintenance, a set of maintenance of the battery group often, and 'across' battery, life differs from a heaven and earth, then how can we change from what aspects? For saving the cost of electric vehicle battery price how to calculate? The following simple instructions under traction electric vehicle battery life continue skills: 1, the operating instructions should be in a place where it can see at any time, near the battery shall not have any open fires, in case of combustible gas in the air. 2, to prevent static electricity, please don't use a cotton cloth and dry cloth cleaning the battery. 3, the battery charging place should be in the rain, low humidity and good ventilation, is advantageous to the designated place of combustible gas diffusion. 4, for the operation of the storage battery, the staff should be put on rubber gloves and goggles. 5, if the electrolyte < acid > the eyes or skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and see my doctor examination and treatment, the electrolyte on the clothes available clean water. 6, battery shall not be placed on foreign objects or tools, in case the battery short circuit occurred. 7, lifting, storage battery, with appropriate spreader, prevent the damage of battery shell; When connecting cable and other components, shall not be tilted battery. 8, the plug of the battery, the polarity of the socket to properly connected. Only at the time of electric power, can separate the plug socket connection. 9, after discharge, recharged as early as possible. When charging, the temperature of the battery will be rise about 10 ℃. Charging temperature not more than 55 ℃, otherwise it will reduce battery life. Start charging temperature must be below 45 ℃. Such as more than 45 ℃, should be recharging after cooling. 10, prohibit excessive discharge of battery, discharge do not exceed 80% of the standard capacity, at this point, the electrolyte density of not less than 1. 13g/cm³ , often excessive discharge will reduce battery life. 11, the charging process must be completely, the electrolyte density reaches 1. 28 ~ 1. For 51-3 g/cm, voltage 52. 5 v, is full of electricity, not can recharging the battery intermittent, intermittent charging often will damage the battery. 12, dry battery is prohibited, liquid water line shall not be lower than the plate surface, otherwise, can cause burning, short circuit, serious meltdown. Water only before charging, adding distilled water or deionized water. ( It is forbidden to add with acid electrolyte) 13 and check once a month all monomer proportion, electrolyte is balanced, under the condition of after electric and all electric test, and record the data, the proportion of deviation less than 0. 04g/cm。 14 and check once a month electric no-load and load up the fork output current and voltage, and record number, if electric cars increase output current, electric motor and the circuit shall be checked. abstract
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