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Solar chargers are an eco-friendly concept that

by:Vglory      2020-06-17
6V & amp 12V 2.2W Book Size Solar Power Charger You can switch this between 6V and 12V as you need to and it allows you to charge a number of devices. It has a battery compartment which can hold up to 6 AAA batteries for charging. 5 DC plugs accompany the charger for all your charging requirements. You can easily carry it with you when you travel. There is a 7.2V output for channelling power from the rechargeable batteries. This is a backup power source and can be used to charge mobile phones. The 6V & amp 12V 4W Book Size Solar Power Charger is another of the series both possessing similar functional qualities. These can also maintain your 12V car batteries. The blocking diodes comprising the chargers prevent reverse charging. Battery charging is indicated on the LED screen. 28W Briefcase Solar Power Charger Output options of 3V, 6V, 9V & 12V are available in this easy to carry solar charger for charging mobile phones, digital cameras, keeping up your 12V car battery and even boat, truck or caravan batteries. It has magnetic handles to make sure the two handles are kept shut and the briefcase design protects the panel when not in use. It consists of adjustable angle support for maximum sun exposure. It comes with an optional voltage adapter and the DC connections can be Alligator battery clips, Cigarette lighter plug & Cigarette lighter socket to make things easier for you. The 13W Briefcase Solar Power Charger is also a green charger that gives very similar performances to the 28W charger of the same range. Solar powered mobile phone chargers may seem like a new and a strange idea to you, but once you get started on using them, you will realise how easy and environmentally friendly they are. They are cost effective and energy saving. You can use these chargers during the night, as they store the sun's energy they capture during the day.
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