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Solar batteries are considered as one of possible

by:Vglory      2020-06-18
Firstly this technology needs no maintenance at all. This is huge advantage in comparison with windmills. It's enough to set the panels, and then leave them enjoying virtually free energy. Solar battery once set up, will work for us for a very long time with no repairs, recurring, improvements or anything like that. Secondly solar panels produce clean environment friendly energy. It doesn't emit anything, neither toxic chemicals nor noise. It's pollution free and noise free, completely silent (in contrast with wind energy). This issue is growing in importance for more and more people as our environment becomes more toxic every year. What is also meaningful is that as far as solar panels are being considered, it's impossible for ecological disasters like that one in Mexican gulf to happen. This solution is eco-friendly, clean and safe. This energy is literally free. Just after costs of initial investment was recurred it doesn't bring any costs with it. If your household uses a lot of electricity, the payback period can be very short. What is crucial is that there is no place for concerns of increasing prices. The cost of gathering solar energy is going to stay at the same level (that means, after recovering initial investment - zero). It's even possible to earn money with solar panels if your solar panels are big enough and collect more power than you need, you can sell the surplus to your utility company. That process is called net metering. Additionally, in some countries solar batteries are covered with some sort of tax credit or incentive (usually around 20-30% of the system price). Fourthly solar energy is renewable. That means in contrast with coal, oil and gas we will never run out of it. Sun produces so much of it, that from just one hour of its 'work' we could power the whole world for a whole year if we only were able to capture and use all of it. And currently that huge amount of energy is just going into waist. These are main advantages of solar panels that we can experience nowadays. Knowing them we can work to move into using them into larger scale then we do today, so that we'll not get into trouble when we'll run out of fossil fuels.
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