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Several reasons affecting the lithium battery life

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Several influential factors of lithium battery life, what factors led to the lithium battery to use less time? We believe that a lot of people don't know well on this, we focus on this Beijing lithium battery manufacturer to tell you! The influence of factors: environmental factors in the work. Lithium ion battery actual operation environment bad immediately affect cell cycle: lithium-ion batteries, battery temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, lithium-ion battery discharge temperature of - 20℃~60℃; In the lithium ion battery charging process, do not appear overcharge, the condition of losing electricity, etc; Both excessive discharge and excessive charging, is on the quality of the lithium ion battery may be not to prevent harm. Nature of this except in the lithium ion battery operation error, such as short circuit fault is because of the lithium ion battery using time reduced; The lithium battery, the battery we ought to use of lithium ion battery charging head for battery charging. In order to reduce 18650 lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery and charger in the middle of the concrete current voltage did not achieve the stable value, especially in view of the lithium ion battery had just finished filling, should set aside 30 minutes waiting for battery charging features smooth before application, otherwise will damage the battery performance. Factor 2: sit idle factors hazards. If with 18650 lithium ion battery supporting facilities of the digital technology of electronic equipment did not work, then 18650 lithium ion battery should be removed from equipment products; For long-term storage of lithium ion battery, the battery must be 50% ~ 60%, and in the storage period should be 1 ~ 3 months for lithium ion battery in a battery; For long-term storage of lithium ion battery, must control the temperature range of 10 ~ 25 °; Without knocking, knocking, trample, changes, sun, don't need rechargeable batteries placed microwave heating, such as high pressure in the natural environment. Described a few class lithium ion battery application FAQ can usually good new rechargeable batteries use time. If don't have standard application of lithium ion battery, as a matter of fact to lithium electricity cause great damage, also difficult to ensure the lithium ion battery life. About both believe that everyone's understanding is after the play can be oh, if you have more want to know can attention our lithium battery manufacturers!
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