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Selection of the electric ship lithium batteries and structure

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
Motor yachts available with lithium batteries 6 v / 2 v / 12 v voltage of different capacity tubular lithium-ion batteries, high-end yachts are valve control type free maintenance is given priority to, the battery does not need maintenance, later don't need to add fluid, environmental protection and economy, groundbreaking design adopts fully sealed structure, guarantee the lithium battery shell and the use of a clean environment, avoid the pollution of acid corrosion and yacht motor parts, lead calcium alloy design makes the batteries have long service life, even after long-term storage, can still maintain a high energy! Valve control type design with the main materials made of gas phase silica in Germany just injected to dilute sol state, can be full of battery in the plate space, make every plate uniform reaction. Its rich fluid volume design, make the battery in high temperature and under the condition of charging, not easy to appear dry phenomenon, its heat capacity, good heat dissipation, won't produce thermal runaway phenomenon. In gel state electrolyte in the battery products, do not flow, so there is no leakage and stratification. The yacht with lithium batteries have super power discharge current, discharge rate 5 hour customization, positive and negative plates are grease type plate, section spacing is small, large current discharge ability; The sheeting consists of hydrogen evolution potential of high alloy, corrosion resistant performance is good, long service life; High utilization rate of the living quality; Charge to accept ability. We can choose to all kinds of different USES for electric boat, original, ship lithium batteries, the highest service brand to meet customer demand.
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