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Scientists of The United States Georgia institute

by:Vglory      2020-06-20
Forbes magazine reported that the growth of the solar energy industry has been restricted to the supply of the solar energy panel material - polycrystalline silicon. Until 2008, there are still only 12 factories to produce solar energy levels of polycrystalline silicon in the world. Therefore, the appearance of plastic solar photovoltaic battery will bring new phenomenon for the industry, and change the requirement of the plastic products manufacturing. Printing electronic technology is widely used in organic solar cells, as well as organic light-emitting diode (OLED) production. Experts predict that the printing electronics market will reach to $9.4 billion in 2012. Printing electronic needs to use conductors, such as calcium, magnesium , lithium, but this kind of composition is very easy to oxidation and easy soggy. This is the reason that solar energy photovoltaic battery and television screen will usually have hard surface to separate the air and moisture. The total thickness of plastic solar photovoltaic battery is only 1 micron (about 1/100 of the human hair). Research groups used cheap, environmental and easy-to-obtained material - some kind water soluble polymer. Then spread the solution on the surface of the conductor, forming a very thin (about 1 ~ 10 nm) coating. In under the interaction, previous stable conductor became effective, lower powered electrode. The scientists said the polymer is compatible with the current volume of rolling process, and it will replace the Composition of calcium and magnesium which is easy to react. It will completely change the printing electronic manufacturing requirements and the plastic manufacturer's production path, and will reduce the cost and increase the application. This technology can apply to OLED, solid state lighting energy saving light source, environmental monitoring sensor, and organic solar cells in the future. The biggest advantage of plastic solar photovoltaic cells is that its manufacturing cost will be significantly lower than crystalline silicon cells. In the future, plastic products will not only make the contribution in the solar cell, it will also be more frequently used in other areas.
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