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Quick filling of forklift consequences of lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Quick charging, that is, fast charging, increase the forklift battery charging current, accelerate cell reaction directly, so produce very big effect on the forklift battery, a current is zero. 14 times charging capacity, more than the current battery swells fever, electrolyte volatile too fast, plate active material falls off quickly, the battery cover surface objects visible to the black powder, we do not recommend this charge, 48 v400ah heli forklift battery, most of the time customers deserve to ah - 80 Current of 90 a, this is a very large output current, caused by excessive charge, in the later time will be much shorter. Traction battery and battery charger when the battery engineer design may be affected by the supplier, may be designed a practical and cheap to battery and a charger, the most basic is, of course, this will inevitably leads to higher fuel costs and shorten the service life of the battery; Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. Is engaged in more than 10 years of lithium battery forklift, charging, installation, design as a whole, can rapidly respond to dealers across the country, quickly provide door-to-door service. News from shenzhen:
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