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200w Portable Power Station
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Most efficient ON market ups power supply 200W backup power source

Most efficient ON market ups power supply 200W backup power source

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Quick Details
Output Interface:
Input Interface:
Battery Type:
18650 Lithium Battery, Lithium Ion Battery
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Vglory or OEM
Model Number:
Product name:
Portable Solar Power Units
Battery Capacity:
3.7v 48000mAh
Input DC:
Above 600times
Output Wave Form:
Modified sine wave
Charging time:
DC Output:
3 x DC 9~12.6V/10A Max(120W Max)
USB Output:
2 ports:5V/ 3.1 A
home use,electrical appliance etc
Is LED Lamp Illumination:
Supports Solar Energy:
188* 110* 150mm
Socket Type:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Most efficient ON market ups power supply 200W backup power source 


Vglory Portable Solar Generator is the well perfect selling item, not like generator , Portable Solar Generator produce clean , environment-friendly, quiet solar energy electricity which convert from sun directly , safely and best of all saves money ! The Portable solar generator is very convenience for emergeny and outdoor activites , people can benefits a lot from this product , it is no fuel need , its fuel is solar energy from sunlight direclty .  which is good for no power supply as well as outdoor activities . 


Now more and more homeowners and companies emphasis on going green energy, people are looking for ways to use green solar energy for their house and equipments that are both clean and cost-effective.  Contribute in reducing the green house emissions by using this Renewable solar energy source and improve our air quality ! Solar energy is one of the most popular methods of producing clean energy in the world , which converts energy from the sun into electricity. However, not many people know those advantages of Solar energy .

This elegant small Portable solar generator 200W will bring you a good feeling of using the renewable solar energy.

1 : Modified sine wave Inverter integrated inside , pure sine Wave output ,high power factor , strong load capacity , 

2 : Silent working mode , high conversion efficiency ,strict quality control in every processing procedures 

3 :Plasic Case : Strong and hard plastic body, with firedproof and explosion-proof material

, Light Weight and perfect for convenient take to any place 

4 : Multi charging Function , AC output , USB output , Cigarette light socket output , AC Charging

5 : Jump Starter Function , Can be used as Jump Starter for 12V battery Car 

6 : LED Lighting function , 

7 : High Efficiency cooling fan integrated inside for heat sink , over temperature protection 

8 : 1pc/box , with protection foam packing , OEM Acceptable

9 : Input Interface : AC input ,Solar input , cigaratte socket input ,

10 : Output Interface : AC output , DC 12V output  Cigaratte Socket output ,USB 5V output : AC/DC power supply options available : so no problem for working / travelling during the power outage or off grid areas .


Vg Portable Solar Generator : 

  • Easy operation: Put solar panels in direct sunlight place , connected to the socket,   
  • Super Light weight & Long life span :  only 1/10 weight and 1/5 size of the similar product but with 5 times longer lifespan and 10 times capacity, so it is very lightweight and with hand handle to carry for your outdoor activity.
  • Easy Carry : Super Compact size and Elegant outlook , convenient carrry along with you everywhere for emergency power backup . it lets you easily reach the AC & DC power everywhere anytime for your kinds of device ; 
  • For indoor use as an on line UPS. It provides battery backup and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices and home entertainment systems. Safeguards valuable documents, photos, etc from loss or damage due to power fluctuations and surges as well as uncontrolled equipment shutdown caused by mains power failure .
  • The LED light can be used as a torch for outdoor lighting ; 
  • Variety usability : supply emergency solar electrity to home ,car , marine , yatch ,boat , outdoor activities ,like hiking , camping as well as indoor use etc .
  • Environmental friendly : solar energy is pure green , no any carton footprint emission , no any other harmful substances by-products created , no any other negative impacts which cuased from standard fossil fuel ,oil etc . 
  • solar electricy is generated at a quite & clean way which not like fuel generators . 
  • Variety multi-function charging way : compatible to 5V USB DC port charging for phones , 12V DC output lighting charging as well AC output  ;   
  • All-In-One Power Station: 250W on-line UPS for outdoor or indoor charged by Solar / AC outlet / Car Cigarette with  AC &  DC12V & USB ports 


 Most efficient ON market ups power supply 200W backup power source 

Battery Capacity

 48000mAh, 3.7V

Battery Type

High Quality Li-ion Battery

Charging Timeapprox 6~8Hrs
Input DC15v/2A
USB Output2* 5V/3.1A
AC output waveformModified sine wave
AC Input100V-240V 50 / 60Hz
AC output 110V/ 120V 60Hz ; 220V / 230V/ 240V 50Hz
DC Output  3* DC9~12.6V 10A ( MAX 120W )
Rate Power  Rated 150W, Peak 250W
Working Temp-25°C to 55°C
Cycle Lifeabove 800 times


Weight Approx 2.6Kgs

Surge Protection,Short circuit protection,charging protection,

discharge protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection.


Let this 200W portable solar generator help you:
Get POWER while you are camping, fishing, expansion, marine  any outdoor exercise, Keep usual life while power shortage ;To charge your lamps, fans,  laptops, phones, TVs etc …
Good for use in home emergency power , Island , remote moutains areas , vila , tourist resorts , highway, farms ,Marine , and any other no power supply areas ; 
Perfect for military ,hiking, camping and traveling , outdoor operation and outdoor activities like outdoor data collection, farming, geological survey, archeology, meteorological forecasting , fishing, mining, oil drilling; important Emergency power for Disasters , Earthquake, Flood etc . 


Enjoy Going Solar >>>> 
Solar enegy allow people access the free and renewable energy source of energy provided by the sun. Not only is the solar panel energy is total free ( nobody own the sun ) which is generatated electricity from Sunlight  ,  it also have no emissions and no any harmful substances by-products produced while solar electricity generated in constantly .  so it is environmentally friendly and socially . Additionally, as it provides an alternative to traditional energy source fossil fuels , using it has an even greater impact on reducing carbon emissions and lowering the other negative effects of fossil fuels . 




There are various items for selections , Welcome contact us freely for more details . Thank you ! 

It will be hard for people to find any loose threads or defective seams and stitching occurring on this product. This product merely requires little maintenance. The product's shock absorption system guarantees comfort and provides support so as to prevent foot fatigue and ease foot pain. This product merely requires little maintenance.
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