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Misunderstanding of mobile phone battery charging 'Eat less and more meals' is more reasonable

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
It is more reasonable to eat less and more. The battery of my new mobile phone has only been used for half a year. What is the spare king?> Citizen Xie Yongsheng handed over 90% of the new mobile phones to Mr. Chen, his familiar mobile phone after-sales repairer. After carefully learning about Xie Yongsheng's mobile phone usage habits, Mr. Chen discovered the reason why lithium batteries are not scientifically charged. Chen said that lithium batteries are very different from nickel batteries in terms of charging. For example, people often charge their mobile phones when the battery is exhausted, or even turn off automatically. This approach is more suitable for nickel batteries with a recall effect, and for lithium batteries, charging after the battery is exhausted will accelerate the battery loss. Every time Xie Yongsheng charges, he uses the power to shut down the battery naturally, which is durable and damages the lithium battery faster. The battery can be charged after half of it, so the charging time is short and the battery efficiency is higher. In an emergency, mobile phone users will not be unable to use the battery because the mobile phone is out of power. Once the phone is fully charged, unplug it as soon as possible to make the battery last longer. I'm afraid not many people oppose this idea! Chen indicated that there is nothing wrong with this approach, but there is nothing wrong with not immediately withdrawing capital. The reason is that when the mobile phone is fully charged in use, the electricity it uses is not from the battery, but from the power source, which reduces the number of charging and helps to extend the battery life. Nowadays, many young mobile phone users often use their mobile phones to surf the Internet, play games and other high-power operations. This requires an increase in the number of battery charging. After a limited number of mobile phone batteries are charged, the battery is used up and the battery life ends early. In this regard, Mr. Chen's suggestion is to reduce the frequency of using mobile phones with high power consumption for a long time as much as possible, rather than the high power consumption and machine methods of eating more meals, because the high temperature damage of high power consumption mobile phone batteries , Shortly reduce battery life. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Analyze the working principle of the battery circuit
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