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Misreading about electric lithium battery service life

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
About the use of rechargeable batteries, everyone always vary, most people's understanding of rechargeable batteries using method still stays in 'with light, to charge it full of; Don't have to be taken out '. Actually otherwise, in addition to no. 5 (currently AA) And (7 AAA) Rechargeable battery or nickel metal hydride, all digital equipment above rechargeable batteries is the lithium polymer battery. Actually before Dreamix methods to use lithium battery or not clear, but today I saw a article, solve all the doubts lithium battery. After watching it, you will feel that the original use rechargeable batteries can be free. If traditional nickel battery charging time is too long, nickel battery liquid crystal and stop the charger to the electricity. As a result, in order to maximize the performance, it must be a full charge or discharge on a regular basis. For lithium electricity, we can at any time in convenient time for the lithium ion battery, no trouble like nickel battery. Myth about li-ion battery life: li-ion battery can only charge 300 ~ 500 times, then I need to be replaced. The correct way of saying: li-ion battery life and charging cycle times, and there is no direct relationship between charging times. A charge cycle means that all the power battery by full use empty, again from empty to full filling process. This is not the same as to charge. Its significance as below. Above said, first to charge 40%, with 20% charge again after a period of time, next time later, used by 30%, next time again in the middle of the 20% 20%, which just added to 10% of its electricity, a total of the total a charging cycle. After the next cycle. Simple to understand, for example, a piece of lithium electricity on the first day only half of the battery, then charge for it. If so, the next day with half of the charge, the total charges down, it can only be counted as a charge cycle, instead of two. Often, therefore, may be charging after several times to complete a cycle. Each completed a charge cycle, power will reduce a little. Decrease rate is very small, however, the high quality of battery charge cycle for many times, still will retain 80% of the original electricity, a lot of lithium electric power products after two or three years later still in use, it is for this reason. Lithium battery life, of course, to eventually need replacing. Lithium battery life in general is 300 ~ 500 charge cycles. If a completely discharge to provide power for Q, if you don't consider charging each cycle after power decreases, the lithium battery in the life of a total can provide or replenish the Q - 300 500 q of power. From this we know that if each use 1/2 is filled, you can charge 600 - 1000 times; If every time with a third charge, translates to 900 ~ 1500 times. By analogy, if the random charging, the number of times. In a word, no matter how to charge, added into a total of 300 q and 500 q power that is constant. So, we can understand like this: the lithium battery life and the total charge capacity of the battery, and charging times. Deep feed deep and shallow shallow charge for the influence of the li-ion battery life. Shallow put lightly, in fact, more beneficial for li-ion battery, only if the products do calibration for lithium electricity power supply module, have a deep deep filling necessary. So, the use of lithium electric power supply of the products don't have to be constrained in the process, all for first and charge at any time, don't have to worry about life. If the above specified operating temperature, i. e. , 35 & deg; C above environment using lithium electricity, battery power will continue to reduce, the battery power supply time won't be long as usual. If at that temperature, but also for charging equipment, that will be more damage in the battery. Even in the hot environment of storage battery, will inevitably cause the corresponding to the quality of the battery damage. Lithium battery, try to keep the optimal profit of the operating temperature is a good way to extend the service life of lithium-ion battery. If in the low temperature environment, namely 4 & deg; C below used in li-ion battery, also found that the use of the battery time is reduced, some mobile phone original lithium electricity even in low temperature environment not to electricity. But don't worry too much, this is just a temporary condition, different from the use of high temperature environment, once the temperature rises, heated, the molecules in cell, restore to the previous power at once. To take maximum effectiveness of lithium ion battery, you need to use it frequently, make electrons within the lithium electricity is always in a state of flow. If you don't often use lithium electricity, be sure to remember recharge lithium electricity to complete a cycle, a month to do a power calibration, the deep deep to charge. This article from: flashlight you talk
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