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Method to measure the battery is good or bad

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
One, judging by appearance observation have appearance without deformation, bulging, discharge, fracture blast, burning, screw joint presence of oxide leakage, etc. 2, if no abnormal appearance on load measurement, UPS work in battery mode, with a certain amount of load, if the time of discharge is obviously shorter than the normal discharge time, charging after eight hours, but can't restore normal standby time, determine the battery aging. Three, simple battery analyzer were used to detect battery tester, only in the test the battery voltage, large current discharge state roughly assess the battery power. At present more advanced battery discharge detector in addition to start, can accurately measure the cold start current ( CCA) , such as WDKR - J monitor the battery discharge. Judgment method is as follows: 1, the battery monitor access when using battery 10 ~ 15 seconds, keep the voltage at 10. 5 ~ 11. 6 v, said capacity is enough, storage battery trouble-free; 2, the voltage in a 9. 6V~10. 5 v, said capacity is insufficient, trouble-free battery; 3, voltage to 9. Under 6 v, a serious shortage of capacity or the battery is faulty. Product detail function characteristics: 1, with the battery internal resistance testing, capacity evaluation function. 2, with the battery performance index function: to online monitoring in battery discharge, charge, the floating state, for the battery pack and real-time on-line monitoring, each monomer battery monitoring include: the battery voltage, each section for the whole group monomer battery voltage, battery charging and discharging current, battery monitoring indices such as time, battery charge and discharge capacity. 3, have fast accurate identification function of accumulator. Have to check the battery pack according to the variety of discharge rate discharge test, the function of accurately know the real capacity of battery; Online compensating discharge function, in the whole process of discharge, realization of dynamic compensation, guarantee the electric battery real constant exile. 4 online discharge process, the use of equipment, real-time monitoring of every single battery voltage; 5, on the whole voltage of 48 v / 24 v / 110 v / 220 v / 380 v, monomer voltage is 2 v, 6 v and 12 v battery test, the user can choose to set the monomer voltage type. Monomer voltage monitoring module, wireless cable is optional. 6, when doing discharge capacity test can be terminated at the same time set up four discharge conditions: (1) the whole voltage termination conditions; (2) monomer voltage termination conditions; (3) discharge time termination conditions; (4) discharge capacity termination conditions. Also can according to the need to end the ongoing testing process; 7, 7 inch color touch screen. 8, operation simple and convenient: adopt modular interface, good man-machine conversation function, simple operation, the process is clear, each interface and operating steps are simple tips, fundamentally to avoid the wrong operation. 9, instrument to the main test results directly histogram and the analysis of curve and curve comparison function. The voltage curve can be enlarged, reduced, continuous for observation. Don't need to upload the PC also can clear analysis data. 10, the discharge parameter template function, call the preset parameters can be directly discharge test. Intelligent program, can be smart to determine whether a single fall off, if the monomer fall off is not break test. The input over-voltage protection, LCD, buzzer alarm; Over-current protection, LCD, buzzer alarm; Battery voltage polarity reverse connect protection, LCD, buzzer alarm. 11, perfect communication function, has the RS232 communication interface and the SD card interface. Data into the computer, warehousing management, long-term historical data can be saved, and analysis; Using the data from the SD card transfer test at any time at any time, light and portable, safety and reliability. 12, tester host USES monitoring sections and power integration design, the power part adopts new type high efficiency devices. 13, with new special low thermal efficient load materials and advanced control technology, to ensure the high precision of constant current. 14, instrument has weaver function can also be external load, make the instrument can test all kinds of large capacity battery. 15, providing powerful PC software analysis functions: data management, print, analysis, statistics report, automatic generation of test reports, the function of the report. The voltage curve can be enlarged, reduced, continuous for observation. Quickly find the historical record. 16, with automatic protection function: when in the test process, test to the entire group or unusually monomer battery, the automatic termination of the test, to prevent damage to the battery discharge, completely avoid the impact to equipment; Can also according to the need to end the ongoing testing process. 17, after testing, automatic display all the calculation results, and according to the specific test data, provide maintenance advice. 18, storage methods: internal or external storage can choose. Internal storage min interval of 1 minute. Minimum external storage for five (5) seconds.
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