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Marine storage battery daily check the maintenance plan

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
A battery 1, Marine, ship start up battery weekly check: joint surface, temperature, voltage, current, insulation, clean the joint surface no looseness, no corrosion, exposed part coated with vaseline float charge voltage: 12 v to 13. 4 v, 24 v of 26. 8 v floating charge current: 1% of the single section battery capacity rechargeable insulation table screen instructions & gt; 3 megohm. 2, for the Marine and maintenance-free battery, the weekly check the battery voltage and electrolyte proportion is in line with the requirements ( With reference to the hydrometer) 。 Pay attention to check the height of the electrolyte and the presence of sediment, replenish distilled water ( May not arbitrarily add dilute sulphuric acid) 。 As far as possible when the battery application from WeiHuXing, maintenance-free don't need to check the electrolyte, but still need to other maintenance. 3, battery charge should avoid long-term shortage and over discharge, etc. , to prevent the plate ( The aging) Lead to cell damage or performance degradation ( Refers to the voltage soon enough, and decrease rapidly after disconnect charge) 。 4, often without load, battery should be a monthly charge and discharge ( Usually put only 50% of the capacity and charging immediately) Can be disconnected after charging through the load discharge, or directly connect bulb discharge. 5, don't mix of old and new battery, the battery replacement must be parallel and in new, using the same specifications of the battery. 6, good or bad judgment: 24 v series of two pieces of battery voltage should be the same, far more than 0. 5 v, with one out of the question; In the case of adequate electricity, generator or lifeboat launch should be very smooth, smooth is 'snoring' just turn up, if the startup time is longer, 'poof, poof, poof' vomit vomit vomit a lot of sound, start demanding, reduced to 11 v the voltage of the battery, the battery capacity is insufficient. If the voltage of the battery and start the motor terminal voltage difference more than 1 ~ 2 v, that line connection is bad contact, or switch. 2 and ship with emergency battery maintenance and emergency battery charging method a, is the main power outage for communication equipment power supply equipment, at the right time is crucial for survival. Check once a week the electro-hydraulic proportion, keep the electro-hydraulic proportion in 1. 23 ~ 1. 28 ( Room temperature) , and make records; When the electric liquid density decreased to 1. In 23, charging, immediately in case of battery aging. Measure the battery voltage every day, keep the voltage in 12. More than 8 v, check the reliability of the emergency power supply for the equipment of power supply. In the distribution of liquid or checks to the battery, must be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating rules, prevent the electro-hydraulic burns. To avoid overflows when the ship rolls, the height of the electric hydraulic plate 1 - with distance 1. It is advisable to 5 cm. B, keep the surface of the battery and battery rooms clean, make the rubber plug the vent open, make the battery produces gas discharge smoothly. Clean white sulfide on the battery terminal, often to the terminal to add a few vaseline to protect it. Keep the battery between ventilation, avoid hydrogen accumulation caused by explosion hazard. Battery is strictly prohibited between flame, check for shield battery room lighting, the power switch is in the outdoor. In order to prolong the life of battery, full charge and full discharge at least once a month, suggested in the docking port when there is plenty of time, such as conditions permit, best weekly full discharge, discharge immediately after the completion of a full charge. C, discharge way generally close combination station AC alternating current (AC) on the control panel, open the DC DC, choose the combination of high frequency radio as the object of load, the tributary of electricity power supply with 12 v work boot, you can use MF/HF DSC, NBDP, SSB and so on correspondence. Discharge process should strictly observe the battery voltage, electro-hydraulic proportion, keep voltage not less than 10 v, electro-hydraulic proportion of not less than 1. 23, otherwise stop immediately discharge, open A/C power switch for the accumulator. Charging process, closely observe the electric liquid density, liquid level height and the change of the battery temperature, and check the panel meter charging current readings, generally no greater than battery charging current one over ten hour rate. Such as Marine radio emergency battery capacity is 195 ah, commonly the charging current is generally not more than 19. 5个; Such as found in ORDINARY constant voltage charging current when charging the weak ( 0. 5 a) And the battery electro-hydraulic proportion is less than 1. 23, set the proportion between groups in disequilibrium, the voltage is greater than or equal to 12 v, dc voltage immediately after loading and attenuation to less than 10 v, the battery has become aging, should try to save the battery and method for adjusting electro-hydraulic proportion inside each pack, the balance of each group, if you have configured the electrolyte can be appropriate to add. Change to constant voltage charging for constant current charging, pay close attention to the battery temperature and electro-hydraulic proportion, such as the temperature is too high, should immediately stop charging, and check the liquid level height, replenish distilled water; After proportion to meet the requirements, the A/C, D/C power supply to completely discharge, then recharge, after several cycles in general to battery performance improved.
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