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Marine lithium batteries and Marine valve control type lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Marine lithium batteries generally give priority to in order to start with, it is that the battery auxiliary generator starting, instantaneous discharge current is larger, general in order to avoid maintenance of lithium battery in the majority, certified by China classification society, this kind of battery is vented batteries, battery on both sides of the small vent, discharge and recharge is a small amount of hydrogen gas discharge. Charging current and discharge current is large, many owners will ship confused with valve control type battery, valve control type, just as its name implies is the valve, battery USES the fully sealed condition, the liquid flow state, Marine start-up battery liquid is flowing, shake when sound could be heard. Valve control type battery with AGM materials and barren solution design, in the process of charging, generated by the cathode oxygen can react with the cathode active material quickly back into water, therefore, under normal circumstances, the battery electric hydraulic lose, don't add distilled water, inhibit the precipitation of hydrogen at the same time, so the battery can make it airtight structure. 'The free maintenance' probably is this. Practice has proved that if maintain undeserved, will cause inadequate or excessive charging charging, leading to the battery aging in advance or leakage, leakage, bulk shell or even an explosion. How to properly maintain and manage valve control type batteries, is a very urgent and important work, Marine valve control type lithium batteries, not as a start with, large current discharge breakdown plate, cause blowout of the battery, but there is a kind of electric ship, the large electric boat can use lithium battery forklift as traction, forklift lithium battery is suitable for large current discharge for a long time, is ideal for ship sailing and slide the power supply.
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