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Manufacturers of electric cars are in a rush to

by:Vglory      2020-06-07
Initially called as 'Model S', the new Tesla 'baby' is designed to accommodate seven passengers, or equivalent to one family. 'Model S' however would only be available to the public in 2011. Expensive, but wise buy Articles posted in the internet however say that the new Tesla battery-ran car would not come in cheap as the unit alone would sound expensive. However, running on a battery-powered car for the use of an entire family for sometime, would eventually translate into economic savings. The cost of running a battery-ran car is comparatively cheaper in the long run as the pump price of gasoline and diesel fuels appears on an upward trend. Estimates have it that a fully-charged electric car actually costs around five dollars. What makes electric cars cost efficient is the current trend in the price of crude oil in the world market. Prices are soaring and supplies seemed getting limited as a result of the new trade policies of oil-exporting countries in the middle-east Asia. Initial calculations show that a family running a battery-ran car can actually save some $ 15,000 per year as compared to using gasoline-fed sedans. Slice of the market There is however a brewing rivalry among other car manufacturers, which like Tesla, are also eyeing a share in what appears to be a viable market insofar as the automotive industry is concerned. Although none of the potential rivals have started producing electric cars that would match that of Tesla's, these entities, made public announcements on what they are actually working out --- an electric car model that is cost efficient and runs on a maximum of 60 miles per hour. What even makes it more promising that that it reaches the maximum speed in just five seconds and charging time for its battery would be fully completed in just ten minutes. From there, the car would be able to run for 200 miles. There is however no announcement as to how many passengers can actually fit in their version of the electric car. The cost: Fifteen thousand pounds Another car manufacturer, the world renowned Volvo, said that they intend to 'revolutionize' electricity-powered vehicles. According to Volvo, they are closing on to a battery-ran car that is capable of running 60 miles per hour at the maximum. Likewise, they claimed that their version of the electric car would peak its maximum speed in just ten seconds. As to how it would look like, Volvo said that it would be more of a futuristic car with flap up-doors and a transparent roof. 'Futuristic' as it is, it appears that Volvo's version of the electric car would not be as spacious as Tesla is conceptualizing. Their version could actually just be a two seater. It's eco-friendly too These ideas, although still not in the market, have been conceptualized and designed not just to beat the economic hardships, which include the soaring cost and availability of petroleum products but is also made to help save the environment. GP
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