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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery maintenance free

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Maintenance-free battery refers to from the producer to the user's hands, until the end of life, without maintenance. Maintenance-free battery is a seal of monomer battery, you can't open it. So free maintenance lead-acid battery maintenance free what are the reasons? General battery lead-acid battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and wiring and other components of the pile head, the discharge of chemical reactions is depend on the positive plate active substances ( Lead dioxide and lead) And the negative plate active substances ( Spongy pure lead) In the electrolyte ( Dilute sulphuric acid solution) Under the role of, of which the plate grid frame, traditional battery lead antimony alloy, maintenance-free battery is made of lead calcium alloy, the former with antimony, the latter with calcium, which is fundamental to both the mark. In order to improve the service life of the lead-acid batteries, improve its performance, and maintenance-free battery positive plate of the gate frame in general, the use of lead calcium alloy or low ladder alloy and negative plate grid frame are made of lead calcium alloy. To reduce plate short circuit and active material loss, the baffle plate are made of super fine glass fiber cotton or positive plate is installed inside the bag clapboard. To facilitate the check the electrolyte density, to save electricity, has temperature compensation in its internal density meter. Density meter indicator can use different color indicates the remaining battery power and electrolyte high several low liquid level. The electrolyte density, normal indicator shows green, said sufficient battery power; Indicator shows green, said the electrolyte density is lower than the standard value, should be added charge; Indicator shows yellow, said electrolyte fluid level is too low, need to add distilled water. In addition, in order to prevent the intrusion and evaporation, adopted except for extremely pile exposed fully enclosed shell mouth to prevent foreign spark harm, in its internal also equipped with flame trap. Maintenance-free storage battery USES lead calcium alloy grid frame, the outer seal structure, charging when the water quantity is little, do not need to add distilled water, throughout the duration of sealing shell makes moisture evaporation is low, very few sulfuric acid gas is released. Compared with the traditional battery, have no need to add any liquid, pile head for wiring, wire less corrosion, overcharge resistance is strong, large starting current, power advantages of long storage time. In order to prevent vertical on excessive oxygen, hydrogen, reduce moisture loss and active substances, plate group used more compact structure. In order to shorten the length of the connecting bar, reduce the internal resistance, improve the battery startup performance, among the single plate group adopts wear wall connection, open to the outside of the sealed shell only the positive and negative. In order to more effectively avoid moisture loss, a safety device in the upper shell vent - Collecting water vapor and sulfuric acid vapor collection chamber, after waiting for its cooling into inside the liquid flow back in the electrolyte. Catalysts are installed in the vent to, can make the synthesis of water vapor, hydrogen and oxygen back again after cooling in the electrolyte.
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