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Komatsu electric vehicle battery charging and discharging requirements

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Komatsu electric vehicles, as Japan's corporate brand in the domestic or local configuration including Japan mostly GSYUASA battery, the battery has long deep cycles, is Japan's largest battery manufacturer, producer, in the use of early, mid, and later, komatsu electric vehicle battery in charging or discharging are not required, the electric vehicle battery output current is big, a lot of domestic battery in the electric car, don't use more than 2 years to reference 1. Normal standard capacity is 5 tons komatsu electric cars, 48 v450ah, GS VCD9AC, but at the time of discharge, a lot of times no-load current situations of up to 100 a, we suggest that the no-load cases under the 90 a, so battery life for long, at the request of the use of zhong da is less than the rated capacity or insufficient capacity, battery charging less than at the beginning or after use should be considered first undercharge, check whether the electrolyte density is low, charge density rising phenomenon, if the density is constant, should consider the connection is not open, resistance is bigger. This is because the electric car battery charging if the operation is not professional, will make our equipment caused by the inevitable failure, therefore, we must carry on the professional charging operation. The requirement of electric vehicle battery charging process is the basis of analyzing all kinds of charging technology. Is the basic requirement of electric vehicle battery to charge: should be less than or equal to the battery charging current acceptable charging current. Otherwise, the excess current would consume too readily, and the electrolysis of water liquid produces the following hazards: increase the filtration rate of electric vehicle batteries, increase maintenance workload, for maintenance-free batteries, will cause early failure of electric vehicle battery; Produce acid mist, cause environmental pollution, harm to workers health; Lower the charging efficiency, caused the serious waste of energy. In addition, the electric car battery after good electricity, each single cell battery voltage should be in 2. Around 1 v, this is also our work in charge to check must be carried out after completion of one of the items, in order to ensure the service life of the battery, komatsu electric cars, relatively low maintenance frequency, if maintenance good, a few years almost no chance of overhaul. The article citations
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