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Knowledge, the original sine wave inverter need multi-layer protection design

by:Vglory      2020-08-17
With the rapid development of portable power market, sine wave inverter is widely applied to outdoor activities, mobile office, wild camping, medical help, automotive tools such as power supply, and meet all kinds of lack of electricity demand. Need these original sine wave inverter protection design, more secure, short circuit protection function, refers to the electrical wiring short circuit fault can guarantee rapidly and reliably after cut off the power supply, in order to avoid the impact of the short circuit current caused by the damage of the electrical equipment protection. Over-current protection function, refers to the equipment do the current protection module. When the current exceeds set current, power equipment, in order to protect the equipment. Like CPU mainboard of USB interface with USB over-current protection, protection board is not burn out. Over power protection function, when the load in power supply overpressure, or after class load with actual power of short circuit flow failure occurs in the circuit overload protection circuit by the movements of the feedback circuit to cut off the main power supply to protect circuit, load. Extend fault no longer. Under-voltage protection function when reduced to critical voltage line voltage, protection appliances, known as the low voltage protection, the main task is to prevent equipment destroyed due to overload. Turn over temperature protection function, when temperatures exceed the threshold, the comparator potential negative side drops to less than is the potential VREF2, comparator output high level, to shut off the power switch device, avoid chip was burned down. Second, the overcharge protection function. In common when not in use, we also need the car emergency start charging power supply. When the charging power supply to the full, but also not to cut off the circuit, power supply will automatically start the overcharge protection function, no longer charge. The role of protect battery and prolong the products use. Sine wave inverter, with its product quality, affordable, and multiple global patent protection design, bring consumer safety, practical products, loved by the masses of users. With portable power station, is equivalent to have a security!
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