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Know electric lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Want to understand the electric electric lithium battery, you must know how electric lithium batteries, following the way of electric components: 1. What is the ternary lithium battery? Lithium battery has very many kinds, one of the most well known should belong to lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium. Lithium iron phosphate is the most prominent is the high life, high safety, but there is also very obvious flaws, such as expensive cost, low energy density, low temperature performance, etc. , by contrast, the performance of the ternary lithium is a lot more balance. After each manufacturer of formula of continuous improvement, life and safety have infinite close to lithium iron phosphate, coupled with the ternary lithium are cheap, high energy density, low temperature effect is very small, so, now more and more manufacturers choose to use ternary lithium battery. 2. Refers to the 18650 lithium batteries? 18650 refers to the packaging specification. 18 representative diameter, 65 on behalf of the length. Because of 18650 encapsulation has been developed for many years, the technology is very mature, applied field is very wide also, and single volume is small, whether it be on a laptop, or electric cars, or electric bicycle or electric motorcycle, or charging treasure, can be easily assembled into various specifications and shapes of battery pack, so, she is a very popular lithium battery packaging specifications. Note: 18650 only refers to the packaging specification, does not specifically to the ternary lithium battery. Such as lithium iron phosphate has 18650 specifications. 3. Power battery is to point to? As mentioned, 18650 lithium-ion battery application field is very wide, but in a wide range, can be divided into two areas, one is power application field, is a lighting applications. Such as laptops, cell phone charging treasure our common electronic products, such as these are belong to lighting applications, characterized by low power consumption, but long time requirements. So, general characteristics is applied in the field of this kind of battery capacity particularly big, but the discharge rate is not high. Or what we often say that the capacity of the battery; Another like electric vehicles, high power motors and so on high power products, is the power applications, features requirements under the premise of high discharge rate, and improve the capacity. Because only the discharge ratio up to cope with high power to use, but at the same time, because a 18650 battery is so big, improves the discharge rate, particularly high capacity can't do. So, at the current technical level, if someone took a battery of 18650, to tell you that it's a power battery, and the capacity is 5000 mah, you can enjoy all of his' ha ha! '4. What is discharge rate? If you have a focus on lithium battery, will often see a 'C' parameters, such as: 'the batteries can be 1 C discharge. 'and the' C 'refers to the discharge rate. Specific as follows: such as a battery of 18650, nominal capacity is 2000 mah, support of 1 c discharge, then the battery can work in 2 a discharge current conditions, and released 2000 mah capacity; If the nominal capacity is 2000 mah, support 0. 5 c discharge, the battery can work under the condition of discharge current of 1 a, and released 2000 mah battery. Discharge rate is on the ratio of the nominal capacity discharge. 5. Electric cars using lithium-ion batteries will have what performance? Here refers to electric single electric scooters. Because of the high motor power of electric scooters, practice riding, in infancy or accelerating stage, current will be more than 15 years, so, electric cars using lithium-ion battery type must be a power battery. And choose discharge ratio according to the capacity of the battery pack, the same capacity, discharge rate, the higher the better, the battery is not easy to bad. Because the discharge ratio overclocking use can cause fatal injury to the battery. 6. 百时美施贵宝( Battery protection board) What is? Here to start with the characteristics of the ternary lithium batteries. Ternary lithium battery in use, are forbidden depth depth of discharge and recharge, and belongs to a deadly taboo. Ternary lithium battery best utilization is 20% of the total electricity - 80%. So, BMS's duty is to let users can use lithium batteries more specification. When detected the battery is running out of battery pack, close to the depth of discharge, BMS will cut off the power of the battery pack in advance. Avoid causing damages to the users continue to discharge the battery; When the battery has been charged with, BMS will cut off the charging current, protect the batteries. The two is the most basic functions of BMS, now technology is developed, the function of BMS is also more and more, also more intelligent. Such as temperature protection, charging 80%, monomer is balanced and so on. BMS is really the core technology of lithium battery electric vehicles. As a 18650 batteries, work under different BMS, and performance is to life. 7. Monomer equilibrium is to point to? For ordinary consumers, these four words will be very strange and even don't understand. But for the battery assembly and after-sales maintenance work in the future, these four words so important. I try to simply described as follows: lithium-ion batteries, for example, the battery pack is consists of dozens or even hundreds of 18650 battery, then the battery is like a barrel composed of several boards. The number one battery is broken, the whole performance of the battery pack will be greatly reduced. Here is just simple metaphor, like lithium battery assembly form, if broken 1 secondary batteries, the performance will decline, but not dramatically reduced. Because it is using a number of single battery 'bucket number plank. Greatly reduce the effects of battery pack failure of single secondary batteries. Lithium-ion batteries, electric lithium battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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