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by:Vglory      2020-07-02
Stay Away From Overcharging the Batteries: Often people have a notion that over charging batteries will give an extended performance. When one takes along these cameras, one should ensure that the battery is fully charged but is not over charged. Over charging the batteries are going to kill the Lithium Ion cells present in battery. This in turn lowers down the potential longevity and makes its life to suffer. Make a check on the charging process and take off the camera battery as soon as the light turns green indicating full battery. Dim Your LCD Screen: Make a step ahead to ensure that you have a dim LCD screen. Since LCD screen utilizes a lot of camera battery, so making the light dim with the screen is sure to work as a boon to your camera. Lower down the screen brightness that will allow you to see as well as read the information properly. Make Your LCD Screen Go to sleep: If you make your LCD screen goes to sleep, you can again get to save tremendous amount of battery life. Avoid deleting the images frequently. Take your time and shot the scenes. If you sit with the task of deleting images amidst your shoot, you are making the camera battery go low and dim with each delete made. Prefer keeping your hands on buying a faster memory card. It is recommended that one should format the card so as to make them stay in synch with each other. The process of formatting may take a longer time depending on the size of card used. You should clear the sensors yourself. Never go for the application of turning off the cameras and cleaning the sensors as this will eat up a lot of battery. Use a little brush that can keep the sensor very, very clean and if possible buy the one that has self-cleaning applications. This way you can take maximum performance with just a single charge.
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