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It is the dream of most children to have a own

by:Vglory      2020-06-30
Why the RC cars are all plastic? You may have found that the remote control toy car sells on the market is basically made of plastic, concerning that the plastic is less solid than the metaland environmental protection and health is also a problem. Some friends may wonder that why not use metal material, even though it is a little expensive. As a matter of fact, in addition to the cost factors, using the plastic as the advocate material still has a lot of other benefits. First, let's say the cost factor, if it is just the RC car's shell that uses the alloy, then the material cost will not increase too much, and the process will no such complicated. Now there are really some this type of product on the market. But, just the shell? You may know, just like the real car, the most important part of a remote control car is not the shell. A thick shell is the most direct cause to increase the weight of the vehicle, and even it will not produce more protection. Or all parts can use alloy material, then the production costs will rise abruptly. Including the wheel hub, chassis, transmission system, braking system, etc, it is not only to increase the material usage, at the same time, design, manufacture, integration and link cost also increase a lot. Finally, you surprisely found that in addition to a few smaller, it is the same as a real car. Such products also have some vendors in doing, sold in professional models store or online shop. But this kind of car is considerable expensive, and mainly its consumers are not children but professional model car players, of course, there are children among them. Then comes the security issues. Compared with metal materials, plastic materials are more light and flexible, so for children to play, that will not do harm to the body and hit the other things either. You know, a bigger metal material of remote control car is very dangerous for children, because of great weight, the inertia is big also. The improper operation will cause collision and even more serious consequences. On the other hand, the problem of continued resistance arising from the increase in weight, that is, if using battery, the lighter plastic material will show greater advantages, it is also indisputable. Brand choice Children's rc car products on the domestic market have a lot of brands, like AULDEY, TOMY, SLIVERLIT, etc, to be fair, personally think that these products are basically the same way. Thus, when buying, the appearance and battery are what we should consider. As for the environmental protection aspect, we don't need to ask too high as long as it doesn't have a pungent odor. If your child is too young and has a bite habit, then more attention should be paid and consider its rationality. As far as I know, now most of the plastic materials is not so good that can put in the mouth without any danger. Power supply choice The main power source of the remote control car is batteries, there are four kinds: ordinary 5 battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries and battery. Different types of cells have different slots. These batteries each has advantages and disadvantages when we use. Using normal 5th battery makes the car flexible, and it still can use rechargeable batteries.The shortcoming is the high cost; The use of Nimh batteries costs low, but the disadvantage is that slow charging and short life, even there will be a power of memory problems; Lithium battery is the ideal choice, but the qualified lithium-ion batteries products is not easy to look for and the price is also higher; Although the battery is almost perfect, because of large size, it is rarely used in the car. The price Price is mainly depend by the brand, the material, size, power supply and other factors, from a few yuan to several hundred yuan price. One of the most important factor to decide the price is the size, because the size of the remote control car determines how much material, and the size of the source of power and so on. There are some more professional cars, generally speaking, the price of above 1000 yuan, this remote control car on the main components may have adopted a more durable parts, and will use better battery as a power source. Don't be fooled by proportion and images Many online store often with some extremely exaggerated picture on the site, and then write the word 'super', or with 16 to 1, 24 to 1 such seemingly large number. Remember, don't be confused by these things, you should look at the specific dimensions of detailed parameters in size, and finally find that most of the remote control car is not greater than half floor tile. Where to buy Online stores may have some price advantage, more convenient and more complete species selected. For those who can't be sure about the size, you can choose in the entity, after all, seeing is believing. Now I am sure you have a card up your sleeve about how to choose an ideal rc car. In the end, I hope you can enjoy the pleasure of driving freely, more importantly, due to absorption and dedication which can relieve stress, it can bring you a feeling of release.
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