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Introduction to the application and principle of vanadium battery

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
What are the applications of vanadium batteries? my country is in a critical period of energy and economic development transition, and large-scale renewable energy is gradually changing from auxiliary energy to dominant energy. The 'Energy Development Strategic Action Plan (2014-2020)' promulgated by the General Office of the State Council requires strengthening the overall planning of power supply and power grids, scientifically arranging peak shaving, frequency modulation, and energy storage supporting capabilities, and effectively solving the problems of wind and solar abandonment. Some Energy emergence systems, such as wind power generation, solar energy, etc., are affected by natural conditions such as climate change and wind power. The electrical output has the characteristics of instability and discontinuity, which in turn causes substantial changes in mechanical power, which will cause the generator to output active power. Vanadium and reactive power fluctuate, and the power quality of the power grid is reduced, and at the same time, electrical energy is wasted. Vanadium batteries have good storage functions and can solve the above problems. The birth of vanadium batteries will be widely used in the power industry. The principle of vanadium batteries is as follows: Vanadium flow battery is a kind of redox renewable fuel power battery based on metal vanadium. The energy storage system of vanadium battery is chemically stored in sulfuric acid electrolyte with different valence states of vanadium ions, and the electrolysis is hydraulically driven by an external pump. Into the battery stack, under the use of mechanical power, make it circulate in the closed circuit of different storage tanks and half-cells. The proton exchange membrane is used as the diaphragm of the battery pack. The electrolyte solution flows in parallel across the electrode surface and electrochemistry occurs. The reaction, through the bipolar plate to collect and conduct current, so that the chemical energy stored in the solution is converted into electrical energy. This reversible process enables the vanadium battery to successfully complete the cycle of charging and discharging. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from On the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact and delete
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