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Introduces a charging treasure 'flight rules' capacity more than 20000 ma 's

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
A mother and daughter in Shanghai at the flight due to bring mobile phone charging treasure unqualified be confiscated. So, what kind of charging treasure could not take the plane? Capacity beyond 20000 ma, charging treasure can't 'boarding' at about 16, 18, a pair of mother and daughter in weihai international airport in Shanghai to take MU5582 flight back to Shanghai. Security, has found that they carry mobile phone charging treasure is not marked with lithium content and the rated power, the airport X-ray confiscated according to relevant regulations. The reporter understands in the interview, what kind of charging for treasure to take on the plane, a lot of passengers is not clear. Therefore, reporters after introduce you charging treasure 'flight rules. Every day there are illegal intimdating crowd scenes like charging treasure was stopped at the airport 'three to five every day does not conform to the stipulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, a charge was stopped since the beginning of the year, carry passengers do not conform to the standard charging treasure more and more, at present, the airport luggage office there are still a lot of overweight charge treasure has yet to be brought back. 'weihai international airport X-ray Wang Yanping said. According to a staff member at the airport, charging treasure belong to hazardous class 9 miscellaneous, because of its physical properties of lithium metal or lithium ion active, easily occurred in transit caused by short circuit on fire, the danger to be reckoned with. To this end, China's civil aviation department issued the 'guidelines for lithium battery air transport', shall be strictly limited to the carriage of lithium batteries. The informal manufacturers, without the consent of the testing and no logo product is not allowed to take the plane. Charging treasure capacity of more than 20000 milliampere shall not take the plane, then, what are the charging treasure is prohibited by take plane? According to weihai international airport security checkpoint security staff, under the security section of excessive charging treasure, the part has no logo, no mark watt/hour ( Wh) Technical parameters of this kind of product is probably not the normal manufacturer production, and pose a safety hazard. In addition, according to the air transport of passengers bringing lithium batteries, lithium ion battery energy rating shall not exceed 100 wh. Security personnel is through a number of ma, publication of the voltage conversion, concludes that the charging treasure can take a plane. Nominal capacity calculation formula is: the rated energy = & times; Nominal voltage conversion, if charging treasure capacity labeled ma, that number can be divided by 1000 ampere hour. For example, the reporters in a charging treasure according to nominal voltage of 5 v, nominal capacity is 20000 mah, the rated power for 1000 & 20000 mah/times; 5 v = 100 wh, comply with the provisions of the carrying. For ordinary citizens, this formula is more complex. Because most of the charging voltage is 5 v more treasure, for example, you can simply understood as, more than 20000 milliampere ( Not including 20000 ma) Charging treasure will not be able to take on a plane. Airport security personnel also reminded passengers, when buying charging treasure, had better choose normal manufacturer of the product, with permission of the testing and labeling products, to avoid the trouble to travel. In addition, passengers may not be used in the aircraft flight charge. Carry on lithium-ion batteries, common sense to know 1. Installed in for personal use electronic equipment ( Such as: laptop computers, cameras, video cameras, etc. ) On the lithium battery can be checked in baggage, and must complete protection against accidental activation. 2. Spare lithium batteries may not be checked in baggage, can carry, and must be made in a single protection in case of short circuit. 3. Spare lithium batteries each carry no more than 2 pieces. 4. Lithium battery of lithium content must not exceed 2 g ( Lithium battery portable electronic medical devices shall not be more than 8 g) 。 5. Lithium ion battery energy rating shall not exceed 100 wh, among them: the battery cannot be unloaded or electric wheelchair instead of walking tool must be checked; Electric wheelchair or transport at the detachable battery must carry, the rated power shall not be more than 300 wh. 6. Rated power more than 100 wh but not more than 160 wh lithium battery, approved by the airlines can carry, backup battery can only carry no more than two pieces. 7. Rated power lithium battery are prohibited (of more than 160 wh The rated power of more than 300 wh or electric wheelchair instead of walking tool spare batteries with 1 piece per person) 。 8. Nominal rated energy is not clear or no lithium battery shall not be carried by a scalar. Lithium-ion batteries, after UN38. 3 the lithium battery air transport specification inspection certification, best-selling products at home and abroad, with dozens of automobile enterprise cooperation. This article from: weihai evening newspaper
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