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Introduce the cause of mobile phone battery explosion and safety common sense

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
The explosion of mobile phones, in fact, the real root cause of the explosion of mobile phones is the explosion of the battery. Professionals believe that the root cause of the battery explosion is the use of fake and inferior products. Experts said that currently most of the batteries used in mobile phones are lithium-ion batteries, and there are roughly three reasons for battery explosions. Reasons for the explosion (1) The reason for the battery itself. Due to the internal defects of the battery, the battery itself exploded without charging or discharging. (2) The battery cell has been overcharged for a long time. Lithium-ion batteries may instantaneously discharge a large amount of current under special conditions or environments such as temperature, humidity, and poor contact, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion. (3) Short circuit. This possibility is small. In addition, consumers may also explode if they place their mobile phones next to high-temperature or flammable materials. Safety common sense 1. Do not use the mobile phone for a long time to talk for a long time, not only will cause the phone battery to heat up, but also the internal circuit of the phone and the handset will heat up. If you happen to use a fake battery at this time, it is very easy to cause an explosion. 2. Try not to make phone calls while charging. When charging, the cell phone battery will have heat. If we continue to use it to make calls, the heat will increase rapidly, which is easy to cause danger. 3. Do not hang the phone on your chest. Although it is a kind of personality display, it is not a wise way. If the phone blows up, it will directly injure the chest and face. 4. Try to put the mobile phone in your bag, not in the pocket of your jeans. In case of danger, it will directly hurt your body. 5. Use earphones to answer calls, preferably wired earphones (Bluetooth earphones also use lithium-ion batteries) earphones to answer calls can reduce radiation and prevent facial injuries caused by cell phone explosions. Wired headsets are safer because they have no batteries. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement.
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