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Into the world of lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Principle - a, lithium battery - Introduction to lithium batteries, is one of the early invented by Edison by lithium metal or lithium alloy as the cathode material, the use of water battery electrolyte solution, its working principle is a kind of Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2 REDOX reaction. Due to the lithium chemistry is very lively, make it not used widely for a long time, but now with the rapid development of science and technology, lithium-ion batteries gradually become the mainstream. Second, the principle of lithium battery - Classification of lithium batteries can be divided into two categories, lithium battery and lithium ion battery. Among them, the lithium ion battery does not contain the state of the metal lithium, and rechargeable, at present has been widely exists in the market; Rechargeable lithium battery was developed in 1996, and in such aspects as safety, capacity, cost performance is better than that of lithium ion battery, but its technology demand is higher, are not widely used at present. Three, the lithium battery - principle - Lithium battery lithium battery manganese dioxide is often used to MnO2 as the anode material, the metal lithium Li or its alloy as the cathode material, the use of water battery electrolyte solution. The discharge of chemical equation for Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2. Four, lithium batteries - principle - Lithium-ion batteries, lithium ion battery often USES metal oxide as the anode material of lithium alloys, the graphite as the cathode material, the use of water battery electrolyte solution. The positive chemical equation for the charging LiCoO2 = = Li ( 1 - x) CoO2+XLi++Xe- ( Electronic) Chemical equation, the cathode is 6 c + XLi++ Xe - = LixC6, rechargeable battery total reaction of LiCoO2 + 6 c = Li ( 1 - x) CoO2+LixC6。 Five, the principle of lithium battery - The anode of lithium battery cathode material for lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 normally, but it also has a variety of different options, the positive electrode materials and its distinguish as shown in the figure below. LiFePO4, for example, when charging the positive chemical equation for LiFePO4 & rarr; Li1 - xFePO4+xLi++xe- , chemical equations for Li1 - discharge when the anode xFePO4+xLi++xe- → 磷酸铁锂。 Principle - six, lithium battery - The cathode of lithium battery cathode material is usually for graphite, but the study found that titanate is probably better lithium battery cathode material. Lithium ion embedded when charging, the cathode chemical equation for xLi++ xe - +6C→ LixC6; Discharging lithium ion embedded, cathode chemical equation for LixC6 & rarr; xLi++xe- +6C。
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