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International logistics transportation, lithium-ion battery energy storage system

by:Vglory      2020-12-05
Source: 2020 - 03 - 29 the archite hits: lithium-ion battery energy storage system is the international logistics transport of dangerous goods transport details with the continuous development of lithium battery technology, as well as from around the world to the lithium battery and new energy technology support, large lithium battery energy storage system equipment got more and more research and development and use. First of all, let's take a look at what is lithium battery energy storage system. Energy storage system can be used as a stand-alone system connected to the electricity grid peak clipping and valley value compensation and the effect of reactive power compensation. Energy storage system can also be combined with new energy power generation, the formation of a wind energy storage system, the new energy power generation side smoothly. Energy storage system can also be built in the center of the load, the new energy power generation system, such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, a micro grid system, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, improve power quality, improve power supply reliability, green environmental protection. By lithium battery, inverter, bi-directional inverter, beauty equipment, optimization of equipment, optimizing the energy storage system planning, system integration, ZhanJi monitoring. Lithium battery energy storage system is a new trend, sunrise industry, the demand of the market both at home and abroad is becoming more and more big. Many lithium batteries and new energy makers are planning to export lithium battery store content ark. Due to the nature of the product quality and function, manufacturers often use custom fit for the standard size of container, termed the shipper box, English (SOC The container of the shipper) , modified, equipment of SOC storage module with lithium batteries and battery management system, equipment at the same time support the use of savings system, cooling system, ventilation system, and many other aid system, constitute a lithium battery energy storage tank. Then came the question, we all know: the lithium ion battery, battery power more than 20 w, battery power more than 100 w, belong to 9 kind of risk product, UN 3480; Equipment installed in the lithium battery, equipped with lithium battery equipment, belong to 9 kind of risk product, UN3481; If the recovery system has a recovery device, belong to 2. 2 kind of risk product UN1044; The freon refrigeration system, divided into 2. 2 risk products, according to different types, divided into UN1018. Although according to the rules of the United Nations world of dangerous goods transport quarantine requirements, 2. 2 classes and class 9 risk can be mixed in one container. , however, the risk of world shipping goods rules and regulations, the risk of shipping the goods must conform to the requirements of the UN packing and packing certificate, this is our understanding of packing certificate and the risk of type 2 cylinder tank inspection certificate. Mentioned here, many manufacturers have a headache problem, because the risks of goods are used as a function of SOC box system equipment, dangerous bag certificate and pans are unable to process. And if the whole store content ark lithium-ion batteries as a dangerous packaging products do prove that it is not practical. So if there is no dangerous bag and tank inspection certificate, the certificate will not be able to export the lithium battery storage tank? There are many manufacturers have been export lithium batteries store content ark, but has the following three ways: first: the lithium battery pack, risk alone. Then by container recovery device and freon to the verification of tank, the entire SOC self-provided box press 2. 2 kind of risk product declaration transport; Second: remove the lithium battery pack, according to the risk alone. Then all will be equipped with a recovery device and freon SOC in accordance with the general cargo declaration form transport; Third: there's more, some factories and freight enterprise, direct equipment store content ark with lithium batteries in accordance with the general cargo declaration. We'll be careful. The first scheme is the world's transport lithium batteries store content ark only legal compliance, the second and the third is illegal, belong to product of hidden risks. However, many enterprises have doubts: energy storage system is generally used in large projects abroad, orders often dozens of hundreds of thousands of ambry, if I write down every cabinet of lithium battery, on the one hand, waste a lot of manpower and material resources, on the other hand, high additional costs.
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