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Internal combustion forklift lithium battery self-discharge current inspection steps

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Is divided into internal combustion forklift, electric forklift, we now is referring to internal-combustion forklift lithium-ion batteries, start self-discharge method, a lot of time in the winter or put on hold for a few days do not use it, forklift truck suddenly cannot be started, we need to know whether lithium battery forklift self-discharge or vehicle self-discharge exist state of leakage, lithium battery degradation, starting force decreases, when the load voltage is reduced, the motor can't normal rotation. After the implementation of the tally, accurate and timely instructions to the customer the deteriorating state of the lithium battery is very important. The connection of each circuit check: loose loop poor contact or to the normal flow of electric current not, leads to the generator, IC regulator does not work, and so on and so forth. Charging function test: charging device can't normal power, lead to loss of electricity, lithium-ion batteries and lithium battery charger after CLP, electrolyte, capacity is insufficient, speed up the degradation. Dark current check: even when the switch is closed, current flow. If current is big, lithium-ion battery discharge, also cause deficient electric lithium-ion batteries.
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