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Internal combustion forklift lithium battery on-off inspection method

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Internal-combustion forklift truck is also known as diesel forklifts, forklift lithium battery with our daily car battery, but the general diesel charging current is big, a lot of battery life basic will keep for about a year, normal charging voltage is 13. 8 v, but a lot of diesel forklift charging 14. More than 5 v, has belongs to the range value of the maximum peak, our shenzhen company is specialized in forklift batteries for many years, for a variety of battery forklift, diesel oil, stacker charging system and short circuit inspection experience is very rich, the following four basic test: ( 1) The tested battery must be filled, at least 12. 4 v, because the testing principle is discharge, if the test object has partial discharge, inevitably lead to the results of the measurement voltage on the low side and the wrong result; ( 2) Continuous repeated measurement, for the same cell, unable to get the same results. Because of the testing process is the discharge process, the tested battery after the test, must recharge, can measure again; ( 3) Testing process a large amount of heat, unable to continuous testing multiple batteries; ( 4) Well trained testers testing process requirements, due to the discharge must be 15 seconds instantly read battery voltage value, the level of the operator and the sense of responsibility will affect the test conclusion. News source
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