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Internal combustion electric vehicle battery model meaning

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Internal combustion electric vehicles that we say of diesel electric vehicles, depend on the automobile starting batteries as auxiliary, usually starting with lead-acid batteries model consists of five parts: the first part: for the number of the single battery series; The second part: to battery USES, are expressed in 'Q'; The third part: if the battery can omit no, for general for dry charged battery, expressed as A 'A'; The fourth part: refers to the rate of 20 hh rated discharge capacity; The fifth part: refers to the special performance, if the battery, for the high rate of starting with 'G' said. For example: 6 - QA / W - 100 d: consists of 6 cell battery, rated voltage of 12 v, rated capacity of 100 a when starting with lead-acid batteries. The general internal combustion electric vehicle battery charging system is relatively large, high voltage, as far as possible the use of water battery, avoid maintenance-free battery swells. Focus on more electric vehicle batteries, please login/shownews. asp吗? id = 640 & 风格= 69
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