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Insist on using lithium battery, win the market today

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
Electric power source, lithium batteries for electric cars, has a good power source, depends on the practicability of the car, the car to be can be accepted by consumers. Using new energy 18650 power batteries, lithium-ion batteries, 18650 battery is one of the earliest and most mature, the most stable lithium ion battery, widely used in electronic products. For many years, the Japanese manufacturers in the production process of 18650 batteries on accumulated lots of experience, make the output of 18650 battery consistency, security, have reached a very high level. As electric vehicles, by contrast, lithium battery, cascading lithium ion battery is far from mature, common are square, mild package, even the size, size, ear position and so on are not unified, battery manufacturers have production technology can not meet the conditions, most people control is given priority to, the consistency of the battery to reach 18650 levels of the battery. If the battery can not meet the requirements, the consistency of the large number of batteries in series, in parallel to form the management of the battery pack will also can't let to better play to the performance of each cell, and 18650 batteries can solve this problem. Lithium batteries used in 18650 power batteries is now one of the best of the domestic market, related technologies is also the most sophisticated batteries, can guarantee the battery power is more strong, safety coefficient reached the highest. The moment for lithium battery electric vehicle market is one of the best development platform, no matter from which for lithium-ion batteries are electric cars the best choice.
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