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Initial charge, the impact of the late electric motor car storage battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
At the beginning of the electric car battery charging, or individual can be balanced, the voltage between the chemical reaction, reduce the possibility of late short-circuit, normal should be charge three times, three times in the discharge, the initial charging equipment is based on the former 1940 s internationally accepted rule of thumb, it argues that charging hours, should meet the Ann hours of battery discharge; Charging speed to ensure the battery temperature rise in a safe range. Limited to the technical level and use cost, can only use personnel unattended, artificial adjusting the parameters of the charging device, so the current smaller, for a long time. Step-down transformer, rectifier rectifier, switch is the main characteristic of this kind of equipment. As the dosage of lead-acid battery to expand and use conditions, the charging time shorter equipment have more demand. In the 1960 s, on the basis of electric vehicle battery charging process test, put forward on the premise of the outgassing rate of acceptable charging mode. With the progress of electronic technology and device costs decline, launched the constant current and pressure limiting 2-phase and constant flow, pressure limiting, a trickle of a three-stage charging equipment. This kind of multistage charging equipment to flourish, with different ways of step-down rectifier, with the development of electronic information technology, produced dozens of types, but failed to solve all the problems on battery and requirements.
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