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In various industries, 'lithium battery forklift' what role?

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Lithium battery forklift plays a driving role in various industries; Seemingly innocuous, less actual this; Rather go to the car didn't oil as serious; The enterprise operating efficiency is greatly reduced; Often a forklift; Work well; In rush shipment, or the container, appear problem, this time really except for help, because the forklift battery normal production cycle need a week or so, basic to 12 - from production to delivery At the other end are some of the negative electrode, can identify the color of the storage battery pile at the same time, the positive electrode pile appears dark brown, while negative electrode appears as dark gray. Other battery positive and negative markers in English letters, is expressed as the positive electrode, P N as the negative electrode, it can never make a mistake when repair charge. Lithium battery forklift in the later use more critical, usually inert strong forklift master no matter don't ask, the electrolyte is dry, and it is easy to cause loss, serious cause forklift battery scrap; While black pens and place for the negative electrode. Sometimes measured no normal battery voltage, can measure the battery of weak electricity to judge. Black pens and negative electrode. But if the multimeter pointer left shaking ( The clock hitting) , then prove that the red pen reach place for battery negative electrode. Will each of the two copper core power line jumper at the old battery electrodes to measure, then the normal configuration good electrolyte ( Concentrated brine) Pour into a glass cup, insert the power cord ends respectively inside the cup, and put on both sides of the glass edge ( Two lines in the cup and not touching) Then connect the battery negative electrode, at the end of the bubble on the pan without obvious side is less battery positive electrode. Forklift battery electrode ( Plate) The core part, composed of active material and conductive frame; Refers to the positive and negative active material to flow into reaction material in the plate, is to determine the basic characteristic of the chemical power, traction for lithium battery active substances are board Pb02, negative plate is called a velvet lead Pb, conductive framework called sheeting. Requirements for active substances high electrochemical activity and high electromotive force ( Rated voltage) That reaction ability; Quality specific capacity, given a large volume, in the electrolyte, high chemical stability, good electrical conductivity. Electrolyte in the battery inside the role of positive and negative electrode for delivery charge, high resistivity, solution ohms voltage drop is small; The interface between active material and electrolyte electrochemical reaction rate is small, small self-discharge of the battery capacity loss. Lead acid lithium battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid, traction battery dilute sulphuric acid density 1. 28 - 1. 30g/cm3。 Diaphragm ( Partition) , its role is to prevent is the cathode active material in direct contact, prevent short circuit batteries, good chemical stability to partition requirement, has certain mechanical strength, the electrolyte resistance is small, and can prevent from the active material particles generated under the electrode loss, lead crystal formation. Tractor with clapboard, the domestic general use PVC sintering, rubber bag, PE abroad most with PE, PVC, silicon dioxide, industrial battery separator. Shell is the battery container, traction battery using PP heat sealing, high mechanical strength, resistance to vibration and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance is poor.
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