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In the winter will come, lithium battery forklift how to avoid freezing?

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Belong to dry lotus water battery forklift lithium battery, the battery with sulfuric acid and distilled water to produce conductive properties, in the winter will come, ten several times and even a few degrees below zero temperatures in some areas there is, how can we avoid the current situation of forklift battery iced? General battery state under what circumstances will reach the freezing point? For this situation, the author specially focus on this aspect of news, to make the following analysis: hope can offer a little information for the general forklift battery user, generally add distilled water led to the decrease of the cell liquid density of too much, at this time of battery liquid water percentage rise causes the battery fluid freezing point, resulting in a decline in the electrolyte density and excessive discharge of sulfuric acid and water imbalance causes battery fluid freezing point to rise. The normal lithium battery forklift sulfuric acid concentration is 35% 40%, according to the 'sulfate - Water mixture freezing curve ', the freezing point of the electrolyte about - To 60 degrees Celsius 50 degrees Celsius. From the point of view, as long as keep the battery fluid density in 1. 25 - 1. Between 30, icy is unlikely to happen Unless you where China is in the north of the car) 。 But, as the concentration of sulfuric acid, battery fluid freezing point and then rise, this makes the battery fluid has the potential to freeze. For example, the lowest temperature in winter in Beijing generally in more than ten degrees below zero, when the battery fluid density as low as 1. 10 when the battery has the possibility of ice, and the most common cause of the above change is excessive battery discharge. As lithium battery forklift side, how can we avoid excessive battery discharge? 一个。 Don't cross goods beyond the limit load B vehicle. Use time in 5 - control C within 6 hours. Don't discharge by more than 70% of the forklift battery capacity, battery density decreased to 1. 17 must supplement current immediately, focus on the battery weight density, charge under the condition of not remember check once a week, to prevent excessive self-discharge density and freezing point.
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