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In the winter, lithium battery forklift way of 'curing'

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Along with the coming of winter, for the use of lithium batteries need to pay attention to some, the day is cold, motor, motor, circuit conductivity natural decline, need current increase, reservoir performance of lithium battery forklift also gradually reduced, how to spend the winter, let the battery have a good start, small make up in a nutshell: usually with a wet cloth to scrub the battery outside again, put on the panel, the stigma of dirt, grease, white powder is easy to cause the leakage of dirt to wipe clean. Scrubbing away the battery of stigma, not only white etched powder will not in the above, and the service life of the battery will be longer than expected. Open the cover of the battery with water and see if the water level in the normal position. Generally, lower limit on battery side there will be marking for your reference. Under the water level below the line is found, it is necessary to add distilled water, water not to add too much, the standard is the most appropriate, up and down the middle of the line charging, the proportion of lithium battery forklift need to check, after finished with forklift and charge to saturation, need to detect whether the liquid concentration reaches 1. 28, the proportion of winter may be on the high side, but belongs to the normal phenomenon, as far as possible the charging forklift batteries every single reach equilibrium, this is the way to maintain health.
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