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In electric vehicle batteries and electric cars should be matched, extend the life of the electric vehicle

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Recently, the citizens for electric vehicles to replace a new battery, but he was feeling after each charge driving distance shortened obviously. Learned after hainan battery network engineer examination, his electric logo with 48 v battery for 12, as the battery replacement is 48 v to 10. Hainan battery net electric technician said, at present, the market sales of electric vehicle batteries with 48 v 10, 48 v 12, 20, 60 v10ah 48 v, 60 v12ah, 10 Ann v20ah 60 and 64 v, 64 v 14, 64 v, 20, and other models. Ann is a unit of electric current, the greater the number, Ann said battery capacity is larger, the longer the distance is a charge; V is the unit of power, battery voltage, the greater the electric car run more exciting. After replace the battery, and citizens before and after 2, so one time charge distance difference is obvious. So, people should how to choose and buy electric vehicle battery? Engineers say, electric cars and batteries are supporting each other, not optional collocation. Ann number is too small in electric vehicle batteries, shorter driving causes weakness, range, etc. ; And an excessive number of batteries in electric vehicle, will burn controller and other components. Owners best battery model according to the specifications marked for replacement, so as to extend the service life of electric vehicles.
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