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In 2020 our country power battery scrap will be 12 - 170000 tons of

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Recently, the GEM Co. , Ltd dean yun-he zhang said, with great new energy vehicles situation, by 2020, our country electric power battery total scrap amount will reach 12 - The scale of 170000 tons. On the one hand, China's cobalt resources, there is no pure cobalt, more than 95% dependent on imports, serious unsafe, cobalt resources while China accounts for only one of the world. 03%, but China's cobalt resources consumption accounted for 50% of the world. On the other hand, China's serious shortage of nickel resources, import rate above 60%. But only three of the world nickel resource in China. 0%, but China's nickel resource consumption accounts for more than 20% of the world. Yun-he zhang thinks, in the lithium ion battery industry chain, a complete lithium ion battery industry chain should also include the lithium ion battery recycling. At present, the green beauty has the largest domestic waste batteries and scrap battery materials processing production line. After recycling of waste batteries, nickel and cobalt is mainly extracted from deep processing again, and built from the waste battery recycling to produce nickel cobalt manganese ( NCM) Cobalt and nickel aluminum ( NCA) Ternary precursor materials such as a complete industrial chain. At present, the green group completed the annual output of 1. 70000 tons of lithium ion battery materials production line ( Beauty of jingmen green park 10000 tons) , supply the cobalt, nickel and cobalt oxide manganese ternary material, aluminum nickel and cobalt ternary precursor materials such as lithium batteries battery anode materials products, account for more than 30% of the Chinese market, are exported to Japan, South Korea. A few days ago, the announcement said green, the company intends to 500 million yuan to build the central plains in henan lankao circular economy industrial park. Lankao county government allocation of various resources actively, promote the company's rapid construction green beauty, The central plains) Circular economy industrial park, the establishment of the central plains economic circle of electronic waste, scrap cars, scrap metal recycling use of technology system and production equipment system, effectively resolve various kinds of mineral resources in the city recycling, save resources, reduce the pollution of the environment, ease the shortage of resources and environment concerns social effect. With the continuous development of electric vehicles, power battery companies are also ongoing technological innovation, in addition, the increase in the number of power lithium battery recycling will produce scale effect, power battery recycling and recycling of social, economic effect will gradually appear. Lithium-ion batteries, professional production, custom, wholesale, electric lithium batteries. This article from: cell network
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